Yo-Yo String Forensics

I am new to yoing but I have had several strings break already and I tried to figure out exactly where the break occured. On most I could not tell but on one or two I could and it was where the string passes through the first loop to form the slip knot and they rub against each other. I have mostly been doing looping and I guess there is alot of stress and friction there.
Do you investigate where your string breaks at and if so where?

Normally where you said near the slip knot or right atthe bottom where the string is aroundthe bearing…

As you noted - at the slip knot mostly. It’s not due to rubbing, but primarily it’s a high stress area due to the yoyo repeatedly pulling the loop tight on the standing end. The string fails in tension. I’ve had a few break at the axle on a fixed axle yoyo. Otherwise on bearing yoyos look for wear where the string may be hitting the walls, especially on yoyos with a rough ano surface. And yes, looping is tough on string.

If you look closely at the string where the slip knot hits on the standing end you can see that the string constricts in that area. Look closely and you will likely see the beginning of the string coming apart. It happens a couple of strands at a time. You can hear them breaking - kinda like snap, crackle and pop, which you know is out of place because you didn’t put milk on that yoyo now did yo…

I break a fair number at the slip not, but I break more at the axle - especially cotton string on fixed axle yoyos I’m using for 1a, and usually when I’ve been throwing hard and trying to get max spin time. And yes - the yoyo does go careening off wildly when the string breaks at the axle. :slight_smile: