*snap* - string wore out at the slip knot

Shooting the moon along (with some aggressive looping in between to balance string tension) on this tonight and the string broke right as it returned to me. Thankfully I caught it so no one was woken up and no dings were put in walls (or my precious). Oddly, as I was throwing, I thought “I need to shorten this string by a couple of inches so it’s easier to control as it’s passing by my face.” Lucky break, literally.


That’s a weird place for a break. Mine are usually down by the axle.


I had the SAME thing happen to me a couple of years ago, unfortunately my yoyo went FLYING, but I was outside so I didn’t cause too much damage to my surroundings, my throw, or myself :sweat_smile:

Turned out the barracuda was a bit of a string eater due to a rough spot around the response pad. Took a dremel to it and never had that issue again!


That has happened to me with a Monarch Ebony fixie doing high horizontal loops. When it broke, I was thinking quickly and I caught it with my eye brow.

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Yep, same here. This was a first for me, but it seems to make sense with what I was doing.

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I’ve had that break before! Only once on cotton string and it took me a second to figure out what happened. Nice pockeHt too - I have that same one!


That’s where the majority of my string breaks are. Usually when looping or some other 0A/2A type of trick. If you regularly inspect the string at the loop you can see the fraying start. That’s when it’s time to change the string. The only time I’ve had a string break at the other end was with yoyos that had rough sidewalls which are easy to fix once you are aware of it.