Yo-Yo Show

It has been awhile, but I was wanting to tell everybody about my very first yo-yo show. Two weeks ago, at church we had a puppet show, but before the puppet show they had me put on a yo-yo show in front of church, so I did a routine to a my favorite song, and everybody really liked it. I am really thankful I was given the chance to be able to do it.

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that’s awesome, man!

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Which song?

really cool man! my friend and i are gonna make a routine and do it for a church talent show!

Who knows, maybe the kids you inspired will be professionals in the next few years

COol! I did a show for 2 schools, a nursing home and a church! ALso some talent shows here and there.

But actually in march the last three wednesdays I am doing yo-yo lessons for people ages 9-99 and can’t wait! I am getting everyone a butterfly, and a peterfish from walgreens.And tell them all about this website(wink,wink) and to pick up a freehand 2 if they want to stick with it.

I used the song UFO by Geoff Moore. A lady at church told me she forgot her camera so she said I will need to do it again sometime. I am thankful God gave me the chance to do it.