Yo-Yo related RAGE thread.

This is a thread to post times when you have RAGED because of something related to yo-yos.
I’ll start.

So I just got into Yo-Yos.I ordered a Cosmic Spin from NED from School.Its coming soon.
Knowing how NED yo-yos are crap and stuff,I went to do some shopping for some better yo-yos(YoMega,YoTech,ETC.ETC.)
I live in Melbourne,Australia.I went to Westfield,and the first place I went to was ToysRUS.
I searched the whole thing.NOTHING.AT.ALL.
Next up,I went to Target.NOTHING.
By then,I was feeling pretty &^%&^&%&^& fustrated. I went to BigW.NOTHING. AHIGUFHIUCDNRGNHIGRUIGHRUIGHRUIGHKJVHTKJVIO%^#%^&*^%#%^&!!!111ONEONE
I went back to ToysRUS hoping for it to magically appear.Nothing.
Then went home and typed this up.
Anyway,so I’m pretty ANNOYED right now.Thinking of buying one online but I’ve had bad experiences.

Also,first post.Don’t flame don’t blame cause I just came.

What an awesome first thread.

Very much true, and that last line is awesome

He really started off on the right foot.

1st Day, 1st BAd Thing = 3 Red rings on my xbox, OK I was a little annoyed

2nd Day, 2nd Bad Thing = Computer breaks, starting to get kninda P’ed off

3 Day, 3rd Bad Thing = The bearing in my DV888 got stuck and was unusable.

That just topped it all off and I was extremely P’ed off by then!

Oh hi mods,If you think this is unnecersary you can delete this thread :smiley:
Just trying to contribute to the community :-\

I’ll get the biggest knot in my string, and spend ten minutes untangling it. Then, after its all nice and straight and un-knotted, I knot it again on my first throw. Then, I sit and sulk for ten minutes. Ok, I know, I could just put on a new string, but im a tight-fisted Yorkshireman, and I must make them last.

I’ll get major string burn, so bad i can’t throw which makes me really p’ed.

when there’s so much humidity in the air that the string gets stuck on my hand and Thats when I get a major rope burn

That always happens to me. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, when I fix my string tension then I get a knot then I have to fix it again.

…and THAT is why you should get a PS3.
Sorry for being off topic.

I get mad when my bigyo rolls under my bed, then i crawl under there to get it out (my bed is low and hard to get under) and it rolls under the next throw.

ps3 sucks. Xbox ftw…

When my brother uses my yoyo’s, when he has a nice collection of his own.
When I am yoyoing at school and some popular idiot walks by and kicks my yoyo on purpose and it dings.

If microsoft was smart, they would create a whole new gaming concept- the Ysphere