Bad Things That Have Happend To Your Yo-Yo

Just wondering if anybody has any bad times with their yoyo.

When I bought my DMII (I bought it at a store in Toronto) I was trying to swap bearings when I dropped one half and it rolled down the sidewalk. The best part? It only got a few scratches XD

My maveric has been dinged, scraped on a tile floor (wich caused an amusing light show I might add) and rolled under my house only to be discovered a year later on the day I moved.

Anybody else have good (horrible) times to share?

I just got my Dingo and let my friend (who hasn’t thrown a yo yo in 25 years) try it. Big mistake! First throw straight to the sidewalk!

I got a tangle in the string after doing a bad bind. Went to take the yoyo apart and the bearing popped out, hit the floor(tile) and the C-clips popped out and the bearing de-shielded. Could only find 1 C-clip.

My GM2 came without a bearing, a chip in the rim, and a decent amount of vibe. I didn’t find out that I could trade it in for a pre-production 888 until a month ago. I was over 3 years too late…

… Ouch! That’s gotta suck dude, sorry about that XD

They ended up in my hands


A couple years ago I ordered a brand new X-ConVict, paid $30 for international shipping and waited three weeks.

Finally it arrived and I rushed off to the post office to collect. I was so excited, as soon as I stepped outside the post office I ripped open the package, put the slipknot on my finger and gave her a throw… BUT, the string wasn’t attached to the yoyo (it was wound up, just not attached, like 4A). The yoyo bounced off the paving (I tried to catch it but missed), bounced into the road, rolled down the street and into a storm water drain never to be seen again.

I started saving (again), and 6 months later decided to try my luck with a Speeder (which I still have), paid $30 for international shipping and waited three weeks (again).

Ok, THAT’S gotta suck!

Brought my Spyy on a trip and kept it in the bubble wrap undinged the whole time, then we came back, i took it out then put it in my pocket. I few hours later, i take it out of my pocket ready to throw and it has 5 dings on it. TT

My Triple Crown Raptor after a couple months of having it stripped out on me. Why, I’m not sure. One day I went to open it to clean the bearing and untangle the string when I started unscrewing it…I felt it just suddenly just fall apart. When trying to screw it back together, there was nothing for the axle to grab and the Raptor was toast. Thankfully, Duncan was kind enough to replace it for me, in which I swapped it out for an Echo since I really wanted one of those…also to my surprise was a shiny new TC Raptor and some DVDs (Yoyo Ninja, A New Level, and another copy of 80 Years)…yes, Duncan made me feel like a little kid at Xmas once again, in the middle of summer.

Maybe not as extreme since it was only a $2 yoyo but I bought a Peterfish Dominator last year, got about an hour’s use out of it total. The yoyos come with a short string pre-attached, and a longer string. Immediately, I switched to the longer string. It met its fate when I did a regeneration, right into the floor. I busted the hub out. Next day I picked up some superglue and some silicone. I was able to glue the hub back in and replaced the awful foam friction pads with silicone, made wire weight rings for center weight, and put the original shorter string on it…now, it loops like a beast! I still have another Dominator still sitting in its package however and have no intentions on opening it.

Haha, gotta love Duncan

Omg that would be the worst!

Not me, but my friend got his rextreme stuck in a chandeliere. Still up there. Haha

Hahahaha! That’s funnier than my meveric under my house! XD

Today during lunch, I was yoyoing over tile with my Metal Drifter and I was paying attention to whatever my friend was doing and accidentaly let my yoyo down while spinning and didn’t notice until my friend had to tell me XD

It sits in the back of my case with no string and not played with…