Yo-Yo Purchase Advice: Yuuksta or Tactic?

I have spotted 2 b/s/t offers on the Yuuksta and Tactic and would like to know how they stack up against each other. Theyvare both being sold at the same price. Also, what are your opinions on the Black Knight?

Yukksta is a better player IMO. It’s basically an undersized Genesis.

I wouldn’t Go for the BK though. They are plenty of new YYJ BI-metals you could get instead, with more modern guts.

I don’t have a Tactic or a Black Knight but the Yuuksta is probably the yoyo I use the most right now. It’s undersized and very fast. I would highly recommend it.

Ok the BK was just a $10 deal sweetener but what don’t you like about the tactic?

I have tried both, and the Yukksta felt more solid IMO. The tactic was more of a floaty throw. I love both, but the Yukksta is my fav of the two.