2SickYoyos Knight help?

Has anyone had exp with this yoyo, ive heard it is really good but with the new design with the steel in the yoyo, does it play just as stable as any other bimetal yoyo?

it plays just as smooth if not smoother.

Amazingly good yoyo.

Certainly as good or better than any other bi-metal I have.

And I have uh😀-few


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Fantastic bi-metal. As many bi-metals promise, it is a light-weight yoyo that still maintains impressive stability and spin-time. In addition, it is smooth-playing and has an excellent blast surface. The embedded rings also allow for palm grinds, which outer-ring bi-metals do not (easily) allow.

Oh, and the finger-spin feature actually works! It’s not a conical “fully-centering” feature like the MOVE or Elysian, but it really does a great job in that “Mo-Vitation” style of fingerspins.

It’s a fantastic yoyo. Highly recommend!

ooh don’t be so modest yoyodoc… we all know you have just a tiny bit more then a few… maybe like a few 20 or so.

Wow prob gonna get it!
Thanks guys!

Get it! I have barely touched my others since this showed up. I even got a second because I love it so much.

Just recently got a Knight. Definitely can’t go wrong with it. Dead smooth, rock solid stable, yet very light on the string.

I also have (several) other bimetals to put it up against. Has a really unique feel to it.

Do you think the Stealth ogre MKII is a good choice, Im kinda scarred about using brass, i am affraid that the rims will miss align because i want something that is durable. Am i right in thinking the knight is probably the best choice.