Need Help

I came across some work and got some money my budget is between 40 to 55 maybe 60,65 bucks and am looking for a stable long spinning yoyo. I love my raptor but wanted to try some undersized[i dont think raptor is] and a diffrent shape and the dv888 meets all those but is there something else.

If you are willing to go to 65$, Yuuksta is great. It has a different shape, a Step Down H-Shape and I’ve heard it plays quite well. Yuuksta is a great throw, does anything, more of a high end metal.

I totally agree, the Yuuksta is a great choice. It’s small size really enables it to play fast. It’s not the most stable yoyo out there, but it’s more stable then the DV888 (I have both).

cool so overall its a freat yoyo.