Yo-Yo Lineage

I’m curious to see who can establish the longest list of documented yo-yo lineage on the board. Yo-yo lineage will be defined as the number of owners your yo-yo had, before it got to you.

It’s okay to use YYE usernames, Instagram usernames or whatever, but try to be accurate. I only have a few that I can trace the lineage pretty well. Let’s limit the thread to those who can list at least two other owners of their yo-yo.

I have a Wrath (purple, pink with green splash) that was passed around . As far as I know the lineage is this:
Shadowz143 to Fellavader to me to mgiroux77 and back to me again. :wink:

I have an Albatross (YYE Edition) that was passed around. As far as I know, the lineage is this:
Chuckshort1 to Hydrophidian to Link45116 to Yoyobrothers (IG), then to me.

Discuss your yo-yo’s lineage here. :slight_smile:

I got my mighty flea from a guy who got it from the original owner, and after i traded it, I’ve seen the exact one (I know because it was a misprint) on the bst exactly three times

Hmmm…well if that guy surfaces in the thread, you might help him establish the exact lineage with the names of all the owners. If it’s a Flea, I’m guessing you are able to tell it’s the same one from the damage? I know this is easier with splashed yo-yos.

If you have a photo post it up, and maybe someone will recognize it. I just posted a photo of my Albatross in the YYE edition thread, and Chuck sent me photos proving it was the same one he once owned. He remembers who he sold it to. Link45116 saw my Instagram post and confirmed it was the same Albatross he used to own. I know the folks involved in the Wrath history, so it was easy to trace that one.

This sounds cool, but I don’t normally do BST or anything like that. If my yoyos aren’t new, I get them from my friend, redneckyoyoer3826, and he got them new.

Yeah, I’ve only BSTed about 35 yo-yos out of my collection. I considered it rare that in two instances I could trace the lineage of them. The Wrath was because I knew the people involved and they are all local. The Albatross was just mere coincidence. I’ll share more about that story.

Link45116 offered me that yo-yo awhile ago, on Instagram, but I passed on it. Yoyobrothers later posted a photo of an Albatross on Instagram, so I put out a feeler in a joking manner to see if he wanted to sell it. He actually didn’t mind, and eventually we set up a price and made the deal. So, I had the Albatross and posted a photo on Instagram. Link45116 wrote me on Instagram stating that it was the same Albatross he offered to sell me before. Then, I posted a photo of it in the YYE Edition thread. Chuck sent me a PM, along with old photos he had taken of the same yo-yo. He told me who he sold the yo-yo to, and we figured out that person must have sold to Link, who sold to Yoyobrothers, who then sold to me.

So, there could still be others in the lineage too, it just can’t be proven at this time. That was pretty cool to be able to trace it through trades that far. :slight_smile: Let’s see how rare it is though…stay tuned.

It helped that the yo-yo looks like this, after all, who can forget this splash? It’s very distinctive. It also helps that I photograph where you can see the entire cup, and both of them, like taking it’s fingerprints:

G2 Albatross YYE by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

I did see a Chik on the BST which my friend owned and which he won at a contest I was at.

Other than that not much :-\

I think it’s rare to know beyond the person you bought it from anyway. I just got lucky a few times. :wink:

I got a summit… From yoyoexpert… Who received it from onedrop…

Yeah, I’m interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a B-grade KLR that I can trace down to the last 4 “transactions”. I just looked through my messages to find the exact names, but couldn’t do it with my inbox. I’ll go through my outbox later if anybody is interested in the exact names.

Anyway, I bought the KLR off of a member from the UK, I believe. I kept it for a while and traded it off to someone (that’s the forum member’s name). Someone eventually traded or sold it to a guy in the UK. I eventually started looking for another KLR and was contacted by a guy from the UK who sent pics of his KLR. I could tell from the damage, and the weird swirl in the MonkeySnot response that it was the one I had traded to “someone”.

After all of this I have realized how hard it is to find a bead blasted KLR.

I know that a Nickel Gleipnir has been going around. Ive seen it at 2 contests.

Niven (Nivo) had it, he traded it to Johnathan, who traded it to Jason (tubbyomnivore), who traded it to Brandon, who traded it to Toby (tschneider), who traded it to William (Y0Y0SR2PRO) who has it now.

I know someone had it at MA States a year or so ago.

That thing has been around for a while. But William got it retapped so it’s not stock anymore haha

Nessie went from gorrilaz to me to Jordan to me to some other guy lol.

Had a TorrentII (B-Grade) that went to almost everyone at my yoyo club (Myself included) and then back to the original owner haha

Wasn’t stock before then ever, the nickel was custom.

Onedrop got it from Toxic who got it from Chris who got it from OD who got it from a long piece of 6061 Ai.

Jonathan traded it to me and I traded it to brandon

sooo kinda like car facts, but yoyo facts? lol

Just like Carfax… :-\ but less accurate and reliable. :smiley: