Help me Identify some of my own stuff...


I fully admit this is somewhat embarrassing, but I have a lot of yoyos, and I made a lot of trades (over 100 at least on YYN alone) so I kind of forget what a few of my yoyos are now that Im getting back into things. I have a few that if I could access YYN forums, I could look up what they are.

I can take more pics if people are curious (especially guts pics) and cant pin them down.

most of these are from 2006-2010

lets start top row, left to right:

The top left, blue one is a yoyo that was pretty popular, but it was custom anodized and so I have no idea what it is anymore.

next over red/gold, no markings. I remember I bought it new from YYN.

next over the blue yoyo, its the same as the black one under it.

next is what I believed to be an Oxygene, but it has a flat nipple on it, so im at a loss.

bottom row:

far left, once Im told what this is, itll be a “DOH!” moment.

green yoyo same deal.

black is same as the blue

tiny metal yoyo. my college girlfriend bought me this. I cannot remember what the heck it is.

Thanks for any help! Past me would be screaming at me right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Row 1, Yoyo 2: 44:Recreation Stardust
Row 1, Yoyo 4: Broken Yoyos Sumo
Row 2, Yoyo 4: Original YYF Mighty Flea

Others I could give a decent guess, but I’m sure of those 3!

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Row 1 yoyo 1 is a candy blasted yyf OG California I believe. It’s that or a yyf VK that was candy blasted. Candy blast was done by ILYY. I have one that is orange.

Row 1 yoyo 3 and row 2 yoyo 3 are Any Yo Excaliburs.

Row 2 yoyo 1 looks to be a ILYY E1NS but it has a screw hole in it that’s visible in the cup. Is it possible you bought a prototype from Dom or Frank? That’s likely where you got the California that is candy blasted.

Row 2 yoyo 2 is a ILYY wasabi. Probably the first version based on everything else you have.

mrciurleo got the rest of them. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! “Ah-ha” moments abound!

Only issue is the sumo isnt a sumo. Here it is next to my sumo:

You are spot on. Its all coming back to me. Talk about nailing it. I remember trading for the proto e1ns, the wasabi, and the blasted california. I think it was Dom. Super nice guys if I recall.

Ty for the help, I remember why I love this community :smiley:

Hmmm… maybe that’s a Plugin-3. I believe it was narrower than the Sumo.

Nailed it. Just googled and youre right. Haha, thanks a ton!

Not a problem, awesome stuff! Throws from this era are my favorite. I’ve been tracking down Derts for the last year or so. Welcome back!

That Wasabi is so sweet looking! :o

Haha thanks, Ill have to post up what remains of my collection at some point. I sold off half of my collection (50 or so yoyos) near end of college when I needed the money. I kept the ones I played the most.

I had some cool stuff too. 24k Gold Pyro, TiPhiters, duncan MG, the original Difeyo orbiter, the first yoyos from Anti-Yo and a lot of prototypes and customs. My fav custom was a Zzzip-fly I had frank himself combine with a YYJ Hitman because why not, right?