My collection from 2000-2008

Hey all!

I recently got back in to things, and I sold a good chunk (about 50 yoyos) of my collection during college.

I had some really cool stuff, but what remains is still not so bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres the 58 yoyos I currently have (i have a big case in storage still w a bunch of plastic and lower end stuff that I am going to dig out, probably has another 40 or so in it)

But these are my “players” from back in the day!

1: Higby Proyo! Given to me by John at faneuil hall when I first met him!
2: FHZ beadblasted w/ weight rings
3/4: AnY Yo Excaliburs
5: Skyva (new)
6: Born Crucial 1st run Milk
7: One-Drop Cabal (new)
8: HSpin Black Lilly #277
9: Throwdown Luchador (One of the few Nate had for himself, which he traded to me)
10: Auldey L3
11: BrokenYoyos Sumo
12: blue 888 B-Grade (from worlds 08)
13: Skyva (new)
14: MAG Predator
15: Black 888 (B-Grade, from worlds 08)

16/22: Zan-Navi
17: YYJ Big Ben (first run)
18/24: YYJ Speed-Maker
19: YYJ X-Convict all black
20: BUZZON: THE ORIGINAL DV8 PROTO aka the patent controversy yoyo. No Pogs, this one was a proto I got before they even released the limited run that had pogs. I used the center of duncan stickers to cover the exposed nuts.
21: Prototype YYF Mosquito. No branding!
23/29/35: Flying Squirrel Glow Edition/gray/orange
25: YYJ BIG BEN ORIGINAL RUN (those rims need a polish!)
26: BUZZON Recessed Bushido
27: Duncan O-Boy
28: Techno
30: YYJ Relic
31/37: Shinwoo Phantom
32/38: YYF First Run FAST, Blue is Second run w/ stickers
33: MagicYOYO Dark Sprite
34: Jack Ringca Freehand “MG” from worlds 2006. (Jack threw his yoyo in the crowd, and I got it. It had MG caps and a coating that felt like it wasnt a normal fhz. I asked him later, and he said that its a normal FHZ but painted a satin color. Has one knick on it from hitting a chair. lol!

40: AnY Miroc
41: HICCO West Uranium
42: YYF California Custom Candy Blasted by ILYY
44: (Help me w this one. its the special edition yoyo you got at worlds 08 for registering)
45: AnY Yo Air Rider #077 (one of my favorites for a long time)
46: All Silver ANTI-Yo BSP
47: ILYY Wasabi First Run
48: BIO Malleus (Basically a metal FHZ, small bearing and all)
49: General-Yo 5 Star
50/55: AnY Yoyo FreeRider (pink)/ Freerider II (green)
52: YYF C13
53: 44:Rec StarDust
54: Cyclotron #187
56: One-Drop MarkMont Project
57: Auldey VIRUS
58: BrokenYoYos Plug-in 3 RAW

I will start working on some detail pics in the future and update :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have a Manatee on order!

I am interested in some of your throws. I sent you a pm

I love the case can you tell me where you got the case inserts etc? I’d like to make one for my collection that’s a little more drop proof lol

You’ve got some great classics in there!

Hadn’t see this post before… nice to see some older throws

44= Alchemy MX

Daaaang dude nice collection! Supper jelly of that H-Spin GE Lilly!!