FS: My Old Collection, YYF, CLYW, OD and more

Hello all, sadly I’m here today to sell my small collection of yoyos I’ve garnered over the course of my childhood and some adulthood :slight_smile: . I have a trip to Japan coming around the corner and any extra moolah for souvenirs is greatly appreciated.

All prices include Priority Mail with tracking within US.

None of the yoyos have it’s original packaging :frowning:

888x pink - $45 large bearing, high wall, late run

888 black - $40 I believe its a “stealth 888” but not sure. earlier run, small bearing, 1 broken hubstack post (bought it that way) incredibly fun and fast yoyo

$80 for both


Nine Dragons - $35 comes with original white shells as well

Next 4 - $25 shipped for all 4

Northstar was signed by Jensen but since has faded
Shaqler edition

2 Freehand Zeros - $20 for both, the orange and white is stock and the translucent clear is modded for large bearing

2 delrins!

The white one I cannot remember the make or model (I think it’s a crucial?), if anyone has information on it, it would be GREATLY appreciated $50

Fresh Milk by Crucial - $50 amazing yoyo, super fun

$85 for both


CLYW Compass - $60 mint, basically perfect


Next 2 prototypes or pre production models, I got them both at separate events, one at BAC another at Cal State.

RecRev Sharp - $25, slightly larger yoyo, if I remember it was a bit of a “tougher” throw, missing a bearing (thanks @yoyospirit)

RecRev Silly Goose prototype - $25 could use a nice polish, has a little vibe (thanks @WickerWraith)

$40 for both


ILYY Mary Red - $75 Absolutely love the color on this, the pictures don’t do it justice, and ILYY coatings were surpass-able by none IMO. I do have the original velvet bag that it came in





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That silver unknown is a RecRev silly goose.


I’d kill for this thing…

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The project is outstanding. Never gets old!!!


I remember Fassano he’s a lawyer in Nevada now. Great guy. That project is very very rare as I remember it.


Is that pink yoyo an older 888 or an 888x? May be interested if it is one of the older models.

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It’s one of the later models, not sure if its an 888x, I know it was their first production runs when they first moved manufacturing to China

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Wow nice pistolero.

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Did a little research and I believe that is an 888x since 2010 is when yoyofactory moved manufacturing to China. I’m going to have to pass on that since I already have one. :frowning: Pm’d about a different yoyo I am interested in.



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Yo, interested in Compass
Any shipping to Ukraine?

Bro Mary (as long as it’s mint or close like it seems)+ Compass for my Mint Confetti AC2 + NM Alien Galaxy Shutter, both buttery smooth If I why you don’t answer my PMs I have PMed you hella

If you want the WM2 instead take that instead of the Confetti AC2.

Or my Mint MFD Ape-x Green w Purple white and clear splash = your 08 Mary (Mint I hope), Compass, AND B grade OD54.

MFD Ape X MInt is worth 150 and more to collectors, last few have gone for $150 cash fast. Some near mint for over a Hundo, $125.

Hella smooth but might have to wait a bit bc I’m taking be at offer

Bump from the dead



Maybe a ReRev Papier-Maché ? Looks very clean

Pm for the Mary …

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