Selling Collection (Pre 2010 Collection)

Hi all,

I used to throw many years ago but haven’t for about 8 years now. These are gathering dust, so I’d rather they were gone. I have added a description for each yoyo and have added prices, but am open to negotiation.

Postage to US is $5 standard, $10 tracked&signed both take 5-7days. Other postage will be calculated during PM (I am based in the UK). Paypal only; 4% fees included (i.e. price + shipping = how much you pay)

Any questions, give me a PM.

$20 Yoyofactory 888 Blue - No inside bearing, both outside bearings running smooth, played condition, superficial markings (no deep dings). Small amount of vibration but can be tuned easily.
$30 ILYY Mary (Believe is first run) - Great condition except for pictured ding
$30 ILYY Josy-Ann (Believe is first run) - Great condition except for a tiny ding and pictured scuffs
$20 Dif-e-yo Tank (only 1 rubber weight ring) - Played condition, flat not concave bearing
$20 Werdd XXXXL Sandblasted - Played condition, both outside bearings running smooth, 2 inner bearings
$20 Werdd Two Fat Ladies Grooved - Good condition except for a couple of scuffs (not too noticable due to grooves)
$20 General Yo 5-Star Black/Red - Good condition except for a few pictured flat spots. Very smooth yoyo
$5 Yomega Raider Orange - Crack in plastic on one side, but doesn’t affect play. I believe I modded the response pads.
$10 Mixed Strings: >80 orange mondo, mixed handmade strings (can’t remember who made them but great quality)
$Free with any order - Dice and ball counterweights

I’ll take both ILYYs and the 5 Star… PM sent!

Some questions about 888. PM Sent! :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM but feel obligated to say publicly that those yoyos are worth significantly more than listed. I’m one for a good deal but those are crazy low. 5 Star is easily $150.


5 star is my grail, well done nelson, hmu if you ever get rid of it.

Yep, Josy Ann in that condition is a $85 yoyo easily.