For SALE: Yoyos and 72 star case

Ok, I just realized I haven’t used over half my yoyos for a really long time, so its time for a sale!


Stealth 888
-Small bearing
-a few dings, only 2 go thru the coating (very small)


-good condition
-one long black mark


-good condition
-AWESOME player
-good pocket yoyo

Turning Point
-near mint except for some subtle marks on one half, tried to get them in the picture but they’re kind of hard to see
-super wide

Also, If you buy more than one yoyo I’ll throw in one of these for free!

Lyn Fury, Bolt, HWHW, Speedmaker Note: none of these are in mint condition.
Paypal preferred.

Offer. I’m open to trades or paypal.


More pics here:

All this stuff will be for sale plus:

A 72 star case w/ some stickers on it. I’ll let this go for $80 shipped or a trade for a yoyo of equivalent value.

PM me.

That stealth 888 is awfully tempting…

dude you should have been on Ebay last week, sold mine for cheaper, hope you get it though it is a great yoyo.

GTO gone!

drooling on G5 pic…

30 minutes later…yayyyyy i got it!

Hi,I am iterested in the Grind Mashine I will buy it from you.

Sorry man its gone.

wow! Got mine already! That was fast. Thanks YYD!

Prices lowered! If you don’t like a price feel free to negotiate!

would you be interested in a polished m1 for that 888

no thanks


i would totaly buy that 888 but i be broke. unless u want $10 4 it. lol ;D

Now accepting trades of any cash offers.

Black nova gone!

PPK gone!