Who's got the new YYJ Legacy?

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Be the first to post your review of the NEW YoYoJam Legacy…

YoYoJam has a special site with a countdown clock www.yoyolegacy.com/index.html

Unfortunately vertually none of the online shops are announcing it.



haha, hot you there,
The yoyoz shop in England started putting them out for pre-order about a week ago.
on my xmas list

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Well…I have already had my hands on one!
Yoshi, at the Sunshine Kite Co, in CA, had a couple back in October.



I haven’t played with one but its a yoyojam. its gonna play great. later and remember keep it spinning.


I got my red Legacy this monday (there where no white in the european online stores). After playing about an hour I really loved it. Some hours later it started to get really hard to bind, and a couple of throws later I could hardly wind it up at all. It behaved like it had no responce system at all, and just fell down when I threw it, hardly spinning. I began to get rather frustrated since there where no visuall defects with the yoyo. When I decided to resilicone I found the problem though. The responce pads still had the paper protecting the glue attached, and were able to rotate freely (are the supposed to come that way?). All fixed up now though and truly a great yoyo.


i got my blue legacy yesterday! 8) 8) 8) 8)

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I KNOW my mom got me one for christmas, so im getting mine at christmas ;D