I got my YYJ Legacy!!!

Andre REALLY did a good job with Legacy and so as his other signature yoyos!

I love my Legacy!.. I love the weight, the gap, the unresponsive and smooth play, design, color, the sound of the bearing, EVERYTHING!

Too bad… I dropped it once lately when I was trying to bind it!.. It had a scratch!.. :’(

But it’s okay, Its a proof that even though YYJ legacy is a plastic… it still very strong and UNBREAKABLE!.. Haha!.. (and I think My Legacy performs better after that hard drop… ;D)… But it doesn’t mean that you should also drop your Legacy too!.. :smiley:

Well, Just wanted to share it with you guys my experience to those who wanted to have the Legacy!..
YYJ Legacy!..Buy it!.. It’s Cool Stuff!

I’m glad you like yours as much as I do with mine. :slight_smile:

I want one!!! :’(

You can never go wrong with the Legacy.