Yo Yo injuries! We all hate them!

Hey post up the top THREE yoyo injuries you have had in the passed heres some of mine!

1.) When I tryed to do regeneration for 2 minutes straight with a free hand zero, I had thrown the yoyo so hard to make it last while but on the throw the yoyo had been throw to hard it hit me on my face and i started to bleed =(

2.)I was using a metal freehand zero when the yoyo had clutched up and upper liped me giving me a fat lip and a bruse

3.)I was using a modded Free hand zero and i had binded so tightly it jotted up and struck my hand leaving it swollen from my mid finger ouch

Now notice that all of my incidents happened with some type of Freehandzero gees thats strange!

I’ve smacked myself in the temple before.

Keep it spinning

I’m working on making a glove thing that has pads to help it not hurt when it comes to your hand, I’ve gotten some major bruses from hard coming back up to my hand. So far I have a couple prototypes but they all suck.

Nice could i see the prodo types may be i can help

When i was learning Eli hops i popped myself right under the timple almost knocked me out l0l.

  1. I tried to land the yoyo on my wrist from behind me but the yoyo came really fast and hit my joint too hard. (I had bruises for about a week)

2)I threw a breakaway and it snagged hitting me in the fingers.

  1. Threw a sleeper and it snagged…again and hit my in the funny bone. (My hand was numb for about a minute and a half.

Hit my finger so hard there was something black under the nail

Hit myself in the front tooth

Hit myself on the top of my head with my metal.

I threw an around the world outside, string snapped and yo-yo went flying to my moms car. I didn’t injure myself but it still hurts…

1.I was doing pop the clutch with a metal zero and it hit me in the eye
2.I forgot I had a knot on my m1 and it hit me on my elbow really hard because of the hard throw
3.I was doing 5a with my m1(I AM NOT STUPID!!!)and I accedently let go of the die,it rolled toward a wall andI tried sliding to stop it with my foot ,I stopped it but my foot hit the wall at full speed,OW!

I swung the yoyo into a lamp in a hotel… The manager ask what happened, I just ran.
Dog tried to catch the yoyo, got it in his head.
Hit myself in the temple/pole/rod whatever you call it

UPDATE?:I got hit in the face while it was swinging around into a wrist mount