YO-yo comparing~

5 yo-yo of YYF on sale -
888x ,
superstar ,
Genesis ,
44 ,

which is the best u think`~

Do you plan on buying a new yoyo?
Or just asking what we think is the best?

for MY preferences, superstar and 888x

i am going to buy a new oneso ~thanks for ur suggestions

Give me more suggestions`

i want it to play 1A tricks in normal speed`

get the primo, super smooth on the string, super stable, check out my review here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,13375.0.html

i’d say go with the primo. i might say 44 but i’ve never had a chance to throw one yet.

The most expensive yo-yo is usually the best.

That is the most blatantly wrong statement I have ever heard, iAvery220. Spending more money on it doesn’t make the yo-yo any better and it sure doesn’t make the player any better. Let’s take a look at some examples. Tyler Severance has used a FHZ at the World Yo-Yo Contest. Gee, that’s pretty silly of him to use a $20 plastic when everyone knows that the newest $120 metal yo-yo will give him an extra twenty clicks, right? Wrong.

How about at an event I attended. At MoYo 2010, Ben Conde won the open division by a full eight points using an Aquarius and Fiesta, both retailing for a little over twenty dollars. There were plenty of other people using expensive metals for 5a and one guy even had a bunch of Kamui Offstring yo-yos. When you are up on that stage the judges don’t care what yo-yo you are using. Its price does not make it better or worse.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

NO thats all i have to say. just NO