Yo-yo Abbreviations


So I’m still fairly new to yoyoing and thought this would be a good thread for the newbies ;D. Just post abbreviations for anything yoyo related, like OD= One Drop and so forth(not just brands though, anything :smiley: )


OG - original run
FG - fools gold (or b-grade, which has slight vibe or an ano flaw)


Yo for
yoyo lol


Well just a few off the top of my head

MIB - mint in box
NMIB - non-mint in box
MIP - mint in pouch (if applicable)
OG - original run of something (like OG avalanche vs comeback)
CLYW - caribou lodge yoyo works
YYF - yoyo factory
YYJ - yoyo jam

As to what is mint or non-mint, see the BST


IGR=inner grind ring (where you do thumb grinds)

^he said og that applies for orginal runs but if it is an OG Peak that means that it is Levi Painted.


This is incorrect, it actually stands for original gangster.




Gen-Yo=General Yo
Ft= for trade
Fs= for sale


Wasn’t there something like this before on a forum called yoyo terminology I can’t find it right now but can someone find it for me?


Mucho correcto. I believe there was more than one run of the OG Ava. (I know “correcto” is not proper Spanish but it sounded cool)




I think NMIB means ‘near’ mint in box and not ‘non’ mint in box

(major_seventh) #13

NMIB means the yoyo is near a mint that is inside a box.
MIB means there is a mint in a box.



thank you I was looking for this!!!


Someone should bump that

(Erik Kerber ) #16

YYR= yoyo recreation

recrev= recreational reveloution

7075 = 7075 aluminum


Two confusing ones:

YYN- Yoyonation, or more recently, Yoyonews.

DD- Double Dice, or more recently, Double Dragon.