Define Mint

Ok, So I’ve got a half & half that I’d like to be trading pretty soon, and I think I should describe it as MIB but I’m not sure of the exact definition of mint. Does mint mean “never been played with/touched” or does it mean “never been altered, nor damaged in any form”? I have played with it but I have not altered it or damaged it in any way, and I still have the box. Thanks for the advice.

Are you Erig? Just curious.

Mint means that there is absolutely no damage to it. Sure you can play with it, but if it hit anything, it probably isn’t mint, if you breathed on it wrong, it probably isn’t quite mint (ok that’s an exaggeration, but you get the idea).

Store quality.

alright thanks guys. I’m not really sure what Erig is, a person?

Mint means absolutly no damage what so ever. It dosn’t matter if a yoyo has been played with, as long as it dosn’t have ANY damage, marks, or flat makrs on it, it’s mint. MIB stands for mint in box. Which kinda gives off the idea it’s never been opened out the the package. So I would use the term mint with box. If it falls out of your hands, and gets a micro scopic flat mark, it is no longer mint. Mint is perfect. Absolutly flawless damage wize. If it has any damage to it is should be listed, and is no longer considered mint. Didn’t mean to just copy what Apetrunk said, just wanted to make it clear to you so incase you are trading or selling something on the bst, you wont get a bad feedback because you said a yoyo was mint and it had a mark on it or something. :wink:

-James Reed

I beg to differ a bit here, yes your definitions of Mint are spot on however the MIB statement I feel is in correct. MIB - Mint in Box, that just means that the item is in mint condition and in its original box. NRFB - Never Removed from box. See where I am going there?

Wow, I was wrong. See, I learn something new every day. :smiley:

Yeah, someone’s name. I can’t remember what his username on the forums is, but it’s similar to yours, so I wasn’t sure. Apparently you aren’t him though :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well.

You should define it.

Mint- Never taken out
Mint-Thrown around 3 times
Mint- Played with, but no marks/defects. Good as new.

I am not Erig.

There might be an “a person” on another forum that is named Erig, i don’t know