Mint question

Ok so i have a KLR and it has a few scratches that are not feel able and that just break the anno but not the yoyo itself, if i had it striped and re-anodized, would it be mint?

wouldn’t be mint in spirit but would be mint in all intents and purposes lol this is why bst and reatailers need yoyofacts lol jk It counts as mint

Yeah, I would call that mint. Just mention that you had it custom anodized.

Wouldn’t be mint. It’d be stripped and re-anodized which, I think, could be cooler than mint depending on how you get it re-anodized.


Not that i would sell it… but as something to ponder.

Nah. Very near mint, with very very light damage ano’ed over.

Custom ano=+$

you would gain value from custom ano probably

I’ve seen people post that something was anodized over damage. That’d be the way to go so as to disclose as much as possible. You’d also want to say whether you can still see the damage under the new ano or not. If not, then you can say something like - “It had some scratches before it was stripped and re-anodized but now there’s no visible damage.”

The general rule for what should be in BST descriptions is “If you have to ask…”

I have a near mint KLR that should be shipping to me tomorrow and I was thinking about this too! I was think maybe a custom ano on both the KLR and my pre pro Majesty so that they would match:)

No, it would not be mint. Mint is factory fresh, not refurbed in any way. The best you could do is call it VG or excellent.

‘Mint’ it waaaaay over used. Near mint is waaaay over used. Excellent condition with only several flat spots and a few scratches that can barely be seen< huh? lol

Yoyo has a vibe that can be tuned out, is my Favorite. If a guy has a yoyo that is tunable, why not tune it first?

Anyway back on topic>>> Mint was originally a word used to describe the 'Newness of a Freshly Minted Coin. So collectors could/would know the condition of the coin in their consideration of buying it. Mint meant basically direct from the Press with no signs of wear or defects.

Since then, the term is more often than not, incorrectly used. Since many people don’t understand the true intended meaning of the word, ‘Mint’, it is very easy to apply it to objects that aren’t necessarily ‘Mint’.

Here is a link I pulled up just by using a basic search engine.

It may be worth reading for those that want a better idea of at least what the word was originally intented to describe.

I think describing a yoyo with more words than ‘Mint’ would give a much better view in others’ minds of the actual condition of the yoyo.


Yeah, like others said, you would have to explain the situation.