can we stop doing this?

in the b/s/t section can you stop saying “mint” when it is not? idk about others but to me, “mint” implies that it hasn’t been used once or hasn’t even been taken out of the box. also, just because you keep the box and sell the yoyo used in the original box does not mean that it is “mint in box”. there are some people who say the yoyo is mint and then say that there are a few scratches or scuffs. that is not mint! it is ok to say “near mint” as long as it actually is near mint, meaning no scratches/scuffs, but if it is not then stop saying it is. it gives people the wrong impression.

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I agree that the phrase “it is mint except for a, b, and c…” isn’t really acceptable, but most people on the forum take mint just to mean it has no scratches, dings, scuffs, etc.

That should be described as very good to excellent if it’s been used. Mint means unused, pristine, original condition.

While that is true (I’m absolutely not saying it isn’t), I’m saying that a majority of the forum has accepted that mint means no scratches etc., and by this point it would be hard to get every single person who has a BST on this forum or plans to make one in the future to change their idea of mint.

This is how I see it, as I’ve received several “mint” items that I would actually say are, at least in my eyes, acceptable.

I paid for a mint TFL Delorean, and the guy was so cool, he even went and cleaned the bearings. He was doing a test throw and put a tiny little ding in it. SUPER small, but it’s easy to find. We worked out an agreement where we are both happy.

I got a “mint” MMN. No box or other packaging. Looked flawless and untouched.

Got a “mint” Code 1 Relic. Again, no box. Looked untouched.

I’ve received items that in my opinion were in FAR better condition than the seller described.

Mint would need to mean no scratches, marks, dinks, dents, scrapes or other flaws caused through usage. Ideally it SHOULD include the packaging and even better, never been removed from the package and never thrown.

Near mint is a term I’d like to see go away. But I’ll address that in a series of photos some other time.

In other areas(most), mint does mean NEW condition in original sealed packaging and the packaging is in pristine/flawless condition as well. With cards, it would mean flat with no corner or edge damage and kept in a mylar card holder or plastic/acrylic card case. With comic books, it would need to be a never read or opened comic book inside a mylar bag and sealed. Action figures is a whole other area.

actually, mint can just means that it appears to have never been used. ie: no scratches, scuffs, dings, or anything. It doesn’t have to mean new in box.

I didn’t have time to argue my point further because psych was coming on. (Great show, by the way. awesome episode. :slight_smile: )
but, mint as defined by is:
unused or appearing to be newly made and never used
so… if it appears to be unused (no scratches, dings, etc), then it’s mint.
Because the box isn’t really part of it. Like I bought a prepro entheos from Ernie. I didn’t get a package, and Ernie of course tested it beforehand to make sure it was up to his standards. So it was used prior to my purchase, and it has no packaging, yet I’m pretty sure that would still be considered mint.

I’ve always heard mint as unopened… And I think of “near mint” as no dings. But I’m no expert trader as you can tell by my trade count… :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah i have always heard everywhere else i.e. E-bay, card stores, etc, that “mint” means, unopened, in absolutely perfect condition. but here it means, no scratches or scuffs or no visible damage. that is acceptable to me. As long as it comes as described then all is well. In my expierience everyone is pretty good about it being in the condition described. For the most part everyone is pretty honest on the b.s.t.
which is really cool. The honor system seems to hold well here, (except for the few bad eggs every once in a while.)

In every other context I can think of, mint means “you can’t tell it from a new one.” If you’re a collector, I do not think you can assume mint means “mint, in a mint box”. That is something
you should ask the seller about.

So, I agree with the OP. The phrases “almost mint”, “mint with a few scratches”, “mint, and I highwalled it” etc. make no freaking sense.

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It does make sense to have a scratched mint yoyo if your yoyo is a MINT.(I do have one,so it does exist). ;D

However a mint condition yoyo should be absolutely mint. Mint with scratches is like smooth but with a little vibe, or centertrac bearing without a track in the center.

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I’m going to start taking pictures of all my yoyos near a mint plant so I can say “near mint”. Why? Because “near artichoke” would sound stupid.


I hate these threads, but I am glad I read enough to get to your post!!! Best one ever.