For all the new (or just unknowing) people I’d like to clear up some abbreviations, and terms (b/s/t related [mostly]) you might not know. And if I missed some please out it in :slight_smile:

MIB: mint in box

Fs: for sale (this means cash)

FT: for trade (this means with another yoyo)
B/s/t: buy sell trade (this you should know, lol)
Mint: no scratched no dents no ano burns… Nothing
Beat: opposite of mint

So… Yeah, any more?


cool man! FG means fool’s gold…whenever people see FG Avalanche, etc. You covered all the rest, very helpful!


LF-Looking For
OG-Original Gangster
CLYW-Caribou Lodge YoYo Works
OD- One Drop
IMO-In My Opinion
IMHO-In My Honest Opinion


thanks! :slight_smile:

Also for some other useful info check out this thread on how to make links = words


OBO: or best offer


OP: Original Poster (of a thread)


what does bump mean?


A way of bringing your post to the top of the thread list.

It’s also an acronym for Bring Up My Post.


Inb4: last post/thread
C.O.B: children of bodom
YYSL: yoyo string lab
2edgy4me: too edgy for me
KS: kitty string
H.O.T: Harold Owens third
(What I can think at the moment)


And the post counter doesn’t count posts posted in the “unrelated Discussions”

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Unless you use the app…


NYYR: Not Yo-Yo Related (pretty sure)

YYR: YoyoRecreation

SPYY: saturn precision yoyos


So… I’ll post in this to bring it up. Is this sticky worthy?


Probably not

A Beginner’s Guide to YoYo Abbreviations and Vocabulary
Common Yoyo/Yoyo Related Abbreviations
Useful Terminology for New people
Forum Acronyms And Abbreviations


Got ya, could at least one be stickied? Not necessarily mine, the one with the most help. It’s a pretty needed topic. If one’s already been sticked and I missed it, sorry.


what does OG mean?