YOyo brand abreveations


I was on the buy sell trade section at yoyo nation and i need a list of all the abreveations of the different yoyo companies because its like trying to read chinese to me (no offense to chinese).


YYF= Yoyo Factory
YYJ= Yoyo Jam
CLYW= Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works
BBYY= Big Brother Yoyos
SPYY= Saturn Precision Yoyos
DBYY= Death By Yoyos

those are all the major ones i can think of right now, ill update it when i think of others.


what about One-drop and Duncan Sumna? They’re also major brands.

Happy Throwing! =]


people dont generally abbreviate Duncan or onedrop, i only listed the ones that are abbreviated as he asked.


SPYY= Saturn Precision Yoyos


I do…

Hapy Throwing! =]



(system) #8

ILYY - ILoveYoYo
DBYY - Death by yoyo


HEy thanks everybody that helps alot


What about



SFHG - spin factor high gravity (HG)
TFL - two fat ladies
FS - idk


FS - For sale


WTB want to buy
WTT want to trade
WTS want to sell
FT for trade
FS for sale


WTTF - Want to trade for
LF - Looking for
MIB - Mint in box
MIP - Mint in package
OBO - or best offer