Common Yoyo/Yoyo Related Abbreviations

Don’t know about you, but when I started yoyoing there were a lot of abbreviations that I didn’t understand. This thread should help all the new guys. If there’s something I missed, feel free to post it.

FHZ-Freehand Zero
MFHZ-Metal Zero
PGM-Plastic Grind Machine
DM-Dark Magic
CLYW-Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works

FH2-Freehand two
FH0-Alternate Freehand zero for abbreviation…
GM2-YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2
X-Con- This is weird because it used to be a yoyo, but then was discontinued and replaced with the X-ConVict, which is abbreviated X-Con

FHC-Freehand Cyclon

Actually, I would say the abbreviation for X-ConVict would be either X-Vict or just Vict. X-Con definitely refers to a totally different yoyo

TH - throwhand (hand yoyo is attached to)
NTH - nonthrowhand (hand yoyo isn’t attached to)

This should be sticked. It seems really helpful.

SPYY=Saturn Precision YoYos.
BK=Buddah King or more commenly Black Knight.
BK2=Buddah King 2.
GM1=OG Grind Machine.
NB=New Breed.
BAC=Bay Area Classic yoyo contest.
BLC=Bill Lebowitz Classic yoyo contest.
NYYC=National YoYo Contest. Usually referes to the U.S. contest. Most other contries are noted with another initial at the beggining( i.e. ENYYC, PNYYE).
ENYYC=European National YoYo Contest.
PNYYE=Phillapian National YoYo Contest.
WYYC=World YoYo Contest.
Speedle=An compound abbreviation for Speed Beetle.

I’ll post more as I think of them.

1a- 1 sleeping yoyo in your dominant hand
2a- a looping yoyo in both hands hands
3a- a sleeping yoyo in both hands
4a- yoyoing without the string attatched to the yoyo
5a- counterweight yoyoing
6c- showing skill in 1a-5a

Phillapian? As is the Philippines?
If so, its Philippine National Yo-yo Contest.

Also there’s a thread similar to this

This thread should help even though it states only brands

Edit: another thread within the first link:,2417.0.html

Wow this could be helpful

I hope I do this right COUGH sticky COUGH

LF:Lyn Fury
KS:Kick Side
SM:Speed Maker
Atmos: Atmosphere
SBM:Split Bottom Mount

Here are some synonyms:

Spirit Mount:Wrist Mount
Barrel Rolls:Atomic Bomb
Jamacan Flag:Confederate Flag

I think this should be:
EYYC=European YoYo Contest
Europe isn’t a country so having a national contest would be quite hard… :stuck_out_tongue:

CBC- central bearing company/corperaration

50\50- 50% polyester 50% cotton string
ANYC- australian national yoyo contest
ILYY- I love yoyo. the company
Hub- Hubstack

KK: konkave bearing

GITD-glow in the dark
VERT-Horizontal play?

PNWR - Pacific NorthWest Regionals
BvM - Bear vs Man
WM - Wooly Marmot
P2 - Project 2
MM - MarkMont
Aqua - Aquarius
DM - Dark MAgic
NB - NEw Breed
BK - Black Night (or Buddha King)
BK2 - Buddha King 2
GM -Grind Machine
GM2 - Grind Machine 2
Hubs - Hubstacks

FP- foxland precision
oxy- oxygene

DXL Crew = Double Xtra Large Crew

888=eight eight eight

Hubs usually just refers to the inside of the yoyo where the axle screws into i think.
Stacks is a more common term for hubstacks