Does a FAQ or something similar exist for the yo-yo world?

I’ve been researching for a few days and its become readily apparent that the abbreviations and yo-yo slang are pretty thick…

For example - 1A, 2A???



Whats funny, is that I’m the guy that hates these questions on my other forums… sorry!!!

1A- string tricks
2A- 2-handed loops
Yyf- yoyofactory
Yyj- yoyojam
YYE- yoyoexpert
FHZ- Duncan freehand zero

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You’re new. You’ll catch on.

YYF: YoYoFactory
YYJ: YoYoJam
YYE: YoYoExpert
FHZ: FreeHand Zero, a Duncan yoyo.

1A: Single long-spinning wing-shaped yoyo. The stuff you’re doing now.
2A: 2 modified/narrow gap yoyos, for looping tricks.
3A: 1A in each hand, two-handed long spinning string tricks.
4A: Off-string. The yoyo is not tied to a string. The yoyo comes off the string and is landed back on it.
5A: Freehand, the yoyo is tied to a counterweight(often a ball or dice) and is not tied to your hand, but the yoyo is tied to the string.

Since you didn’t ask yet:
Bearings come in different sizes.

Just stick around. If you have a question, ASK. If you don’t want to ask in public, ask me via a PM(Private Message) and I’ll do my best to answer it.

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Just for fun…

CLYW - Caribou Lodge YoYo Works (company)
SPYY - Saturn Precision YoYos (company)
MFD - MonkeyfingeR Design (company)
YYR - YoYoRecreation (company)
ILYY - ILoveYoYo (company)
STYY - String Theory YoYos (company)
TH - throwhand
NTH - non-throwhand
GT - green triangle (trick)
BVM - Bear vs Man (type of CLYW yoyo)
AC - Arctic Circle (type of CLYW yoyo)
BBB - “Black Bip-Bop” (a CLYW colorway)
SE - Side Effects (an axle system)

What did I miss?

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TP - Turning Point (company)
KK - konkave (a type of bearing)
CT - Centre Trac (a type of bearing)


So… I just looked up off string tricks on youtube…

that puddle on the floor used to be my brain…

how is this stuff even possible… dear lord I’m old…

Just enjoy your melt-down.

Come back when the brain goes back into neutral.

I’m doing 1A, trying 2A, can do some 4A and 5A and will get to 3A at some point.

You CAN do this if you want to. Honestly, it’s not that difficult to land 4A.

Most of the people in the yoyo community try diffrent styles of play. They are fun and that’s the main point.

Yes, I was surprised how easy basic 4A was after watching it. And talk about amazing your friends.

Ha, ha, I leave that 4a and 2a to my 12 year old son. I’m happy enough with 1a.

But it isn’t as hard as 5A, and much more impressive.

I am currently incompetent in all styles. ;D

all forms ive tried are 1A 2A 4A and 5A.

I will 1A till I die!
but 5A and 4A are a lot of fun! I mean a lottt!!!
I suggest trying them. fun fun funnnn :slight_smile:

I love 1A because I am pretty okay at it but I have been dabbling in 5A and I actually prefer it over 1A because it is just thrilling seeing the yoyo not connected to my hand. If I ever get a proper 4A throw then I would start trying some of that.

You know, I think this should be stickied. I used to wonder the same things when I was a beginner, and it took me a while to catch on. This would have helped me a lot. Oh, and I didn’t see anyone mention DM2 so…
DM2- common abbreviation for the Yoyojam Dark Magic 2

Man, can’t believe nobody likes 3A.

1a, 3a, 4a are awesome and my favorite.

I really want to learn 2a though. I’ve been trying to loop for about half a year now. I can do 1 handed loops.