Common Yoyo/Yoyo Related Abbreviations


Guts=the inside of the yoyo
BBYY=Big Brother Yo-Yo co.
pads=a type of response system
10 ball=a bearing w/ 10 balls instead of the standard 8
yyf spec= yoyofactory’s standard bearing
beefcake=2 bearings in the bearing seat instead of 1

SBZ-Sigma Blade Zwei
TFL-Two Fat Ladies
NM1-Night moves 1
NM2-Night moves 2
NM3-Night moves 3
NM4-Night moves 4
NM5-Night moves 5

CA - YYF Counter Attack
Cali - YYF California

Confusion of these abbreviations made me look like an idiot in the chat room one time lol.

28S - 28 Stories edition from (I can’t believe no one said it yet):
CLYW - Caribou Lodge YoYo Works

Oh, and to the guy who said LF is for Lyn Fury, I guess it could technically be true, but I see that more commonly used for “looking for” on the bst - buy/sell/trade :stuck_out_tongue:

Lyn - Lyn Fury

I didnt know that

AIGR… or was it AGIR… i think it was the first one- generalyo’s aircraft grade aluminum bearings

Well, the name they go by is AIGR so you don’t technically need to know what it means.

CT- Center track
KK- Koncove

Pac-Werrd Pacquiao


see first post

POG-painted/pressed on graphics
5*- general yo 5 star
prepro- pre-production

GT = green triangle

see first post
blast lol. I double checked and everything! Oh well, I was at work at the time :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also Ti - Titanium, but that can also be counted as an official scientific abbreviation.

vsnnyyc= versus newton yoyo concepts

TT=tata twister
MG-magnesium? XD
Damn someone beat me to GT!

I believe Proto is more reffered to ‘Prototype’ issuzark.

I think thats just for people who can’t spell paquiao. Did i spell it right? i guess I’ll use pac too :stuck_out_tongue:

lol. I have actually seen that used frequently since they dropped at worlds. Plus I’m sure the Pac Man theme helps to sustain the use of that abbreviation.

I heard proto to be used for both. Heh.