A Beginner's Guide to YoYo Abbreviations and Vocabulary

I thought it would e useful for people to see what an unknown abbreviation means (since there are a lot). So here goes. Also, I’m planning on adding more pictures, abbreviations, and categories. Suggestions are more than welcome.




Abbreviation Full Name/Word
Other Abbreviation

Example (i.e. link, definition, etc.)

YoYo Stores

YYE YoYoExpert

Our own home here at yoyoexpert.com sells many yoyo related items from companies including YoYoJam, YoYoFactory, Duncan, and HSpin. YYE also sells yoyo accessories and apparel including bearings and T-Shirts. We have a very welcoming forum, a facebook, twitter account, and a news section. The site is even run by Andre Boulay, a National YoYo Master!

YYN YoYoNation
The Nation

YoYoNation is perhaps the largest yoyo store and forum.


YoYoGuy is a great place to buy yoyos and other skill toys.


YYJoe’s YoYoJoe’s

YoYoJoe’s is Joe Mitchell’s new store in Wilmington, DE. No online store yet.

YoYo Companies


YoYoJam is a great yoyo company with a great team. It makes hundreds of yoyos that are plastic, bi-metal, and metal!


YYF YoYoFactory

YoYoFactory is a large yoyo company that makes many plastic and metal yoyos.

CLYW Caribou Lodge YoYo Works

CLYW is a boutique yoyo manufacturer known for their rare, hard to find, and hand painted yoyos.


SPYY Saturn Precision YoYos

SPYY is another boutique yoyo manufacturer known for their exceptionally smooth yoyos.



ILYY is another boutique manufacturer known for their rare and pretty yoyos.


BBYY Big Brother YoYos

BBYY’s first release was the Bully. It was very well received so look for more of their stuff in the future.

Dif Dif-E-Yo

Dif-E-Yos are homemade yoyos known for their special, KonKave bearings.


BC Born Crucial

Born Crucial is known for their high-quality yoyos named after dairy products.


Bape Anti-Yo Bapezilla

M1 Metal For Everyone by One Drop

BvM CLYW Bear vs. Man

P2 Project 2 by One Drop

DM Dark Magic by YYJ

Aqua Aquarius by YYJ

BK Black Knight by YYJ

FHZ Freehand Zero by Duncan

PGM Plastic Grind Machine by YYF

888 eight8eight by YYF

GM2 Grind Machine 2 by YYF

FH Freehand yoyo by Duncan

FH2 Freehand 2 by Duncan

G&E Good and Evil by HSpin

C22 Catch 22 by YYF

IT Internal Turmoil by Dif-E-Yo

KS KickSide by YYJ

LF Lyn Fury by YYJ

Bapesit One Half Bape, One half Eetsit yoyos by Anti-Yo

YoYo Parts and Accessories

KK Dif-E-Yo KonKave bearing

Sili Silicone used for response

Ano Anodization on yoyos (a coating of color provided by sending electrolytes to the yoyo)

BB’d Bead Blasted (applying microscopic glass beads to the outside of the yoyo)

YoYo Terms

B/S/T Buy or Sell or Trade (a section in most forums that allows yoyoers to change their collection)

DD Double Dice (a special style of 5A using 2 dice)

CW Counter-Weight

Forum Terms

LOL Laughing Out Loud

IMO In My Opinion


Hubstacks 2 bearings and covers that go on the side of the yoyo. This allows you to grab the yoyo while it is still spinning. Variations are T-Stacks, Z-Stacks, and Dice-Stacks.

Bearing The silver, metal, donut shaped object that goes in the middle of the yoyo. This allows for super long sleep times.

Responsive A characteristic of a yoyo that allows it to return to your hand by simply tugging the string.

UNResponsive Another characteristic of a yoyo that is preffered by most modern yoyoers. The yoyo will not return to the hand with a tug, but will instead have to be binded. This is where the player lands the yoyo on the string and throws more string into the gap of the yoyo.

Mod/Modification Changing or Altering the yoyo in any way. This can be in terms of visuals, or actual play.

You forgot yoyoplay.com.


Happy Throwing! =]

I wasn’t really trying to make an index of stores, just a dictionary of commonly used abbreviations so newer players can understand what we’re talking about. I’m not aware of an abbreviation for yoyoplay.com, but if there is one, I’d love to know and add it.

Like I said before, I’d appreciate you guys informing me on new or forgotten abbreviations.


Happy Throwing! =]

If you could even add yo-yo vocabulary too that would be even more helpful, i.e. beefcake mod, unresponsive, broken in [bearing]

KS Kickside
LF Lyn Fury
Bapesit One half Bape, one half eetsit

W00t! Go PGM!

what is the connection between bapezilla yoyo & Bape Clothing? (A Bathing Ape Like Some Clothers Of Mickey.)?


The Bape was made by Kiya and Sonny.  Kiya owns a clothing/shoe store which stocks bape shoes and clothes and other “urban wear”. Here’s the original post about it: http://www.turfsm.com/archive/2006_04_16_a.html