Post various yoyo Jargon and definitons here!


go for it! i thought beginners would find this useful.


I’ve always wondered…WHAT does OG mean?!


Original Gangster. Ie. original.

There was a thread like this on YYN that had quite a large list compiled.


Oh! I looked it up online, and it said that, but the gangster part really confused me.


By that logic OP must mean Original Prankster. Lol

What is PGM?


Plastic Grind Machine.

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I made a thread like this A LONG time ago.

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Heeheee…I understand that often happens when you get old lol ;D .


Beast, swag, etc. - typical yoyo meathead words used to describe something cool




what does that one mean?


To “bump” it to the top of the forum.



People use it to bring their post up to the top again, mostly on the BST. Which, by the way, means Buy,Sell,Trade. This is a part of the forums where you can do those aforementioned things.


that was a joke. nobody got it. :stuck_out_tongue:


These are not yoyo specific and are widely used in many other places.

FG - Fools Gold (CLYW B-Grade)
MIB - Mint in Box (Not yoyo specific)

I’ll edit more in later.


I got it.


as did I.
It just wasn’t particularly funny.

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That was a horrible joke. It wasn’t even a joke, it seemed like you were legitimately asking about it.

And for how long you’ve been on these forums, you should’ve known that by now.

ALSO, M.Dev1 has a great thread on this already. I would dig it up and give you a link, but this forums search function is awful. And I’m lazy. haha

EDIT: I have no life, here it is.