Yoyo's that deserve designation as "OG"

It is my opinion that only 2 yoyos deserve the right to be called OG.

The OG peak and the the OG project.


OG means Original Gangster…

And for the record, I think the punchline deserves a spot on here as well.

Just for the noobies, what does “OG” mean.

For their sake, that is. :wink:

Definitely the no jive, butterfly, and canvas. They all changed the hobby/sport(Whatever floats your boat)

Original Gangsta

Around here well call it original though

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“Original Gangster”

OG Butterfly

OG Hitman, OG DM, OG BvM (soon), etc.


I still don’t get the meaning behind the “OG”

Its like the original thing. What started something else, or sparked it. Horses are og to cars, macintosh’s to macbooks, im not good at this but those are sufficient I suppose

Disagree with most of what above^^^

(disappointed face)

The butterfly- What makes a butterfly from back in the day different from one you buy in the store now?
No Jive- Meh, what would be the OG No Jive, which graffic? how old? I dont think so.
Hitman- maybe. but its not iconic enough.
DM- why? because it has two versions?
Canvas- what would set it apart was done on landons accent/volume first.
BvM- out of all of these, maybe. But it didn’t set CLYW apart like the peak did.

The OG Stardust, man. The yoyo that sparked it all in Japan. The yoyo that gave birth to 4 more yoyos.

I think you’re thinking of “OG” in a different tense than we are.

Im thinking of it in the way that I heard it when I joined this community. It was 90% of the time only referring to the OG peak.

The OG Torrent and OG Five Star! God Bless - Moefv

I thought the OG Peak was called that because the first machine shop made a lot of changes without asking…?

Dark Magic

g5 is og for stacks

dif-e-yo gladiator if your technical

freehand is og

aquarius is og

OG Hspin Envy, the very fist yoyo with a true H-shape.

Nobody is on the same page here. There are two fundamentally different things being talked about… “OG” as being the source for something… Some people might consider the Butterfly pretty “OG”.

Then there’s the “original” of a particular product. The OG Peak is simply the first run Peak. It’s not the third run. Products seem to get slapped with this “OG” label when the first run is different from subsequent runs for one reason or another (weight, profile tweaks, whatever)…

I don’t think the second of these has anything to do with “deserving” a designation (“designation” makes it sound awfully formal by the way… it’s not like it’s a seal of assurance from a governing body or anything). It’s just that it’s the original run that is for some reason different from subsequent runs.

The original question in this topic is actually asking about the second one (note the reference to OG Peak)… and therefore it’s fundamentally flawed. The first run of the Peak did nothing to “deserve” being called OG other than being the first run and being different from subsequent runs.

This conflation of two very different questions is causing a wacky thread about some term that to me is frankly a bit embarrassing to use… “OG”… As far as I’m concerned, only Ice-T is the OG. :wink:

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No. You use OG when referring to the original product. If you were to say “OG” Xbox, you would be referring to the first Xbox, not the Xbox 360 (duh). It isn’t OG because it has significance, but because it was the original.