OG Avalanche

I would like to know what the OG stands for in OG avalanche

Original Gangsta

Oh ok

I thought original gangsta only referred to OG Peaks since the first machine shop meddled with the design ??? And then everything else stood for just original? Probably wrong though.

OG means Original Gangster. End of story. It can be applied to multiple things.

Ex. “I’ve got an OG NES!”

it basically means the first of something. Its not a term that was just made up for the Peak, people use it for many things.
In the case of the Avalanche, OG refers to the first design. The Cad was lost and had to be redone, thus why the newer runs are called the comeback avalanche, they are pretty close but not quite the same.

What was “meddled with” on the original Peak?

og stands for original does it not?

As stated multiples times, it stands for Original Gangster. The term has been applied loosely for a long time to anything that is the Original. So basically it does mean Original, but it actually stands for Original Gangster… as in the Originators of a Gang, the founders. Not sure if Ice-T coined the term, but I know he made it very popular

in terms of OG peak and all that. i’ve only heard people say the original peak… not original gangster peak.

Read the second and third sentence of my post.

I’ve heard people say “OG Peak” quite a bit. I haven’t heard “Original Gangster Peak”… Lol…

Also stated:

And thus, people who don’t know any different, assume OG only means Original, because of the 20+ years it’s been used to signify the Original/Originator of something. So in a sense, because people who don’t know any better, it’s been watered down to loosely accept anything that is the “Original”.

Gangster Rap is appealing, and has delivered us tons of popular terms and phrases. A lot of them, get quite played out or lose their original meaning after they’re chewed up and spit out so many times by the assuming masses.

this is straight from the YYN history of the Peak page

"This 1st shop did many things that were simply… well… unprofessional. Chris said some things about that 1st shop that are not suitable to be reprinted here. What can be quoted is, “… they modified a lot without (me) knowing they did. Was a miracle it played well.”