The meaning of "og"


What does someone mean when they say a yoyo is “OG”. I especially hear this a lot in the b/s/t. Any clarification would be appriciated! :slight_smile:


Original Gangsta ;D


Yeah, but what does THAT MEAN!? Here’s an example btw.,72492.0.html
They use it to describe the avalanche.


Lol :smiley:
the OG means Original
first run
or such
ik I was just foolin yah bro


Thanks! But the guy said that the avalanche was a second run and that it was og so what does he mean by that then?


Im guessing its still mint from when he bought it
with the box n same bearing


There are two slightly different versions of the avalanche. OG is the first version. There were a few runs of that version, then they lost the CAD or something and had to try to make another one and it came out slightly different.

(Not a 100% sure about that information, but I remember hearing something like that. Bout 85% sure ;))


Exactly. There is a reason why it is called the Comeback Avalanche. They had lost the CAD files for the original design of the Avalanche, so they could not duplicate the design exactly. They came close, but the two yoyos have distinct, differences in play. As such, members have begun to reference them as two different entities. The original shortened to OG.


OG means Original Gangsta. When referring to yoyos it just means the Original (Original Run most of the time).


And here I always thought it meant “overly good” ::slight_smile: