What does OG mean?

I see it on the bst all the time but I have no idea what it means.

They are referring to the “original” or first version of some model.

OG mean Original, or the first run of a certain yoyo.

Original gangster.

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Original gangster.

Everyone who has posted is correct.

Technically OG means “Original Gangster” but in terms of yoyos and the BST, OG will denote a first run or original yoyo, such as the Original CLYW Avalanche, as compared to the New Avalanche.

More correct.

If a manufacturer goes back to an original design of an older/discontinued model, it may also receive an “OG” label for these more current runs, despite being the same as the older design.

RecRev has done this recently. The original Octave is at least currently back in production. This new production run is being given the OG tag to distance it from the newer Octave 3.

Just learned something new :slight_smile: I should pay more attention to things like that

Thanks, guys!

Like my OG hitman for example.

The downside until just a few days ago is that only one reseller was carrying the OG Octave. Now YYE carries it too. This is my favorite RecRev behind the Freq.Wav, which is #1!!

Also, it’s important to know the difference between an OG Avalanche and a Comeback Avalanche, at least from the perspective of buying. I would have to hold my two up side by side and compare the differences. There are ever so slight differences.

The Peak’s have their own set of strangeness. OG, 1st Run, 2nd Run, 3rd Run. I think the Chiefs went through 3 runs before landing on something consistent. Sometimes run # is important too, mostly if there are issues that may lead to inconsistencies. This would be more of an issue if you were trying to build a competition set. You want a high degree of consistency there.

And if you’re a stoner it means “ocean grown”.

optic gaming

:smiley: I figured I’d give him the yo-yo meaning, because he asked in the general “yo-yo” section, in the context of the BST.

But, you’re certainly right, OG is an acronym or abbreviation for a lot of things, the list can go on and on. I thought I heard them all, but didn’t know that one yet…or the optic gaming one either.

In yoyos the most common uses that come to mind are when referencing the OG Peak (numbered Levi painted with a couple not numbered 1st runs), OG Avalanche (pre-Comeback), OG Bapezilla (not Bape 2). There are probably others I’m less familiar with because they relate to yoyos I don’t own or don’t know much about.

Obviously Great

I like that one. 8)