Yet Another Yoyo Recommendation Thread...

Short version: I’m getting back into yoyos; I’ve been stuck at Split the Atom for 10+ years; I think I need a new yoyo.

Long version: For more than ten years, I’ve been trying to progress past Splitting the Atom, but I haven’t been consistent. Last night I picked up my yoyos again and watched some tutorials on Ripcord and Boingy Boing. I haven’t had much luck pulling them off, and I think the problem might be that my yoyos aren’t up to the task. My two best yoyos are an SB2 and a Pocket Rocket, which are good yoyos, but I don’t think they have the gap size for later intermediate/beginning advanced tricks (or I could just not be very good - that’s a possibility too). After some preliminary research around this site, I was thinking of getting a Dark Magic II. Is that what you guys would recommend? Thanks in advance.

You won’t regret the DM2. It’s a great player. You might be able to get away with something like the YYJ Classic or Lyn Fury for less money, but I’d still recommend the DM2. It will definitely take you to the next level.

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Also, don’t get down on yourself if you can’t do Boingy-Boing. I’m working on the Advanced tricks and I still can’t do that one.

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You should be able to learn the 30 Hyper YoYo tricks with a Fireball.

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Dark magic II all the way.

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Depending on what you want to spend, I wouldn’t spend anything higher than a DM2. There are other cheaper yet very capable options. I am going to assume you don’t know what a bind return is. This leaves my recommendations with YoYoJam. That’s fine. It’s one of my favorite brands, and the DM2 is still a favorite of mine.

These models include 2 bearings. The pre-intalled thin bearing is for responsive(tug return) play, but also include a wider/normal width bearing for unresponsive(bind return required) play:
Dark Magic II
Legacy II

The Legacy is pretty much an all plastic DM2, so if you want to save money, there you go. The Chaser is heavy, but plays light and fast, so maybe not an ideal choice right now.

Lastly, if you want to save money, the YoYoJam Classic is under $10 and comes with a slim bearing only, so it’s responsive out of the box. If you want unresponsive play, you can then buy a normal C bearing(I recommend a YYJ Speed, but any C bearing is great) and you’re set to swap for unresponsive play. The response are rubber o-rings, but you can use YoYoJam pads and other pads for your response as well as RTV silicone products(flowable, or gasket making, it’s found in auto parts stores) for your new response. With pre-made pads and a spare bearing, you’re around $22 before shipping.

Get some extra strings too.

However, I do highly recommend the Dark Magic II. I also have ALL of the models I have mentioned. And I can’t do boing-e-boing either. I can do cold fusion and kwijibo.

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Ok, so let me go on record to say that I can do boing boing. It is really hard. If I were you, I would use an unresponsive yoyo for it. Which unresponsive yoyo? I will say go with the dm2. In responsive configuration, it is just fine. It spins a lot longer, however, in the unresponsive configuration, where it can handle he toughest tricks out there. Everything is possible with a dm2. So bottom line:

  1. Get the dark magic 2

  2. If I were you, I would try to learn to bind now and get it out of the way if you want to learn harder tricks.

  3. I would try to learn tricks without getting stuck on them. If you can’t do one move, leave it until a little later. I started yoyoing seriously in 2010. I learned split the atom in two weeks. I learned matrix a month later. My point is I made good progress. I perfected boing boing like 4 months ago! Practice tricks you don’t know when you are messing around, and most importantly, have fun! You will learn all kinds of great tricks if you stick with it!
    And like studio 42 said, get some strings (100 pack of white yoyoexpert polyester is recommended).
    Good luck and happy new year!

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Thanks for the feedback everybody. I went ahead and ordered the Dark Magic II starter kit, a Legacy II and some extra strings. Wish me luck.

Yay! Good luck and have fun with the yo-yos by the way you should like the legacy 2 I own one and I love that Yoyo!

Haha, same, I’m stuck on Split the Atom and Double or Nothing longer than my other tricks.
Split the Atom-

  1. My sleep time isn’t long enough for me to do it slowly and I have to have time to react to what I do XD.
    Double or Nothing-
  2. My yo yo flies at my face… Reaction: I don’t like practicing this move ._.

A Silver Bullet 2 should hold you over to Advanced part 2. Try working on your sleeper.