New to yoyoing...need inputs

okay so I’m a type of a guy that just has a lot of hobbies and I always have to be doing something and I did magic tricks, got into computers, about to start skateboarding, been doing bodybuilding for 3 years, and did all the science research in college and now studying some math and business I think it’s time for me to learn how to yoyo.

So I need to to know what kind of yoyo to get because holy wow they are A LOT of them out there…like darn! I’ve been reading reviews but those guys know what their doing and I don’t. Any inputs would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Until then I’m going to roam around on here and read…maybe reddit has a subsection for yoyos…

[b]Admin Edit: Welcome to the forum! Glad you decided to get yourself into this amazing hobby.
Just remember that we have a very large portion of members that are of the age between 9 and 14. Lets keep the language to a G level. I know it was censored but don’t like people to use that.


You could jump straight to a dark magic or a dv88 you could get a PSG a one a stackless pgm, lyn fury, kickside and a lot more. Have fun ; )

Haha, they do indeed. But I don’t think it’s that active, and for sure not as active as here.

But anyways, if you’re interested in learning how to yoyo, I would suggest getting a Legacy II or a Dark Magic II. Both yoyos are relatively cheap, and can take you from the simplest of tricks to the most complex of tricks. They are both great yoyos that I would really reccomend looking into.

Oh for some reason I didn’t over looked this section…sorry about that!

So it seems like Darkmagic II is pretty popular…it’s only $50 but I need a bass drum practice pad and I’m thinking of picking up skateboarding…with bodybuilding life is pretty damn expensive these days.

So between the legacy and darkmagic II…it’s the extra $20 worth it? What makes the big difference between them?

Bass drum practice pad? Why not just get a muting kit for the drums instead? I won’t even go there, too many options.

Seems you haven’t gotten started yet. The DM2 is great, but do you want to spend $45 and decide you don’t like it? Even under $25 for the Legacy II is a bit much if you’re not sure but way more reasonable.

I have both. I like the DM2 better, but the Legacy II isn’t a slacker either. With the 2 bearings, you can start with your tug responsive play/tricks, then pop in the wider bearing to progress into unresponsive play and tricks that require a bind return, which helps you better utilize your investment.

If you’re not positive you like it yet, I say got with the YYF ONE. It ships with two bearings, one for responsive play and one for unresponsive. It’s pretty light but it’s a great starters yoyo.

Or you could spend an extra $15 and get the Legacy 2. It also comes with two bearings. I’ve never played it, but I’ve heard great things about it.

If you want something that can last you a year, go with the Dark Magic 2. It’s a great investment if you’re not somebody that wants to buy new yoyos a lot. It comes with two bearings and is one of the best players out there.

I would say get some accesories too. You’ll definantly need them. I say get 100 bulk polyester strings, a bottle of thin lube, and if you want, a YYF multi tool.