Yet another "what are your other hobbies?"


I have seen these before but they had never been descriptive…for example someone would say they go skating a lot…well, what kinda board? the detailed stuff…lol so this time try to be descriptive of what other hobbies you have and what you play,use,etc.

my other hobbies: R.C.‘s,I have a an HPI baja 5b and 2 traxxas stampedes. Airsoft, I have a CYMA M187D sniper. GAMING, PS3,mainly, and a TON of C.O.D.! riding dirtbikes, I have been riding an olllllldddd dirtbike that my dad used to race. Its a 79’ husqavarna 250 2 stroke…and surprisingly runs amazingly and will still wheely in 4th gear no problem! Basketball…nothing you can really say descriptive about it…haha…drawing, mostly cars and yoyo’s…and thats about it! now, lets hear yours!!!



(Big Mike) #3

I’m really into music. I play drums, guitar, a bit of bass, and I want to learn piano. Been in a couple bands and I’d love to start a new one in college. I’ve DJed on the radio for almost two years. I wanted to start fencing but I couldn’t find time this semester. Also me and my roommate play Smash Bros. pretty constantly.

(YoYo_Freak) #4

Skiing, random rented skis, soccer, with shoes and a ball, computer, mmorpgs and this, xbox 360, airsoft with a mini electric gun whos name i cannot remember


I play Pokemon. I play a deck with Kingdra/Cinncino. I have been playing since 2009, and started yoyoing about a few moths later.


Gaming Xbox mainly playing some CO-OP games with my bro but I want to play Bioshock 2 after playing the first.


Not really sure what the gun is because it was given to me by a friend.

And if you were wondering about the starwars magnet every one and their brother (Yes even me and my brother.) have M4/M16 mags got to make sure you know what’s what.

Me (Your right.) and my brother (Your left.) at Combat City there was supposed to be over 500 people there.

Got to love multicam just works so well for this field.

Oh and I Indo board sometimes. C=

(YoYo_Freak) #7

wow 500 people… I just do it with 6 of my friends :stuck_out_tongue:


Airsoft and facebook and basketball.


Well I read a lot but not as much since I started yoyoing but I will still stay up all night to finish a book if it is really good. I like the Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan,the Witch and Wizards series by James Patterson, the Maximum Ride series also by James Patterson, the Stoneheart trilogy by Charlie Fletcher, and The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney. I also enjoy playing baseball in the spring.


I play paintball and diabolo :smiley:


i skateboard got a girl deck tensor mag trucks spitfire wheels i enter intermedate and get 3rd or 2nd, i yoyo of course, i read anything interesting, i like music old rock screamo dubstep, i snowboard alot in winter and im great haha i think at that, and i play basketball and im good at that, i glowstick and rave, i facebook ahah look me up and thats it haah. Jaron Heath


I skateboard.
I ride a Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp deck with Slimball wheels and 169 Indy trucks. Old school stuff!

Play bass in 2 bands.
I use Fender, Ibanez and Modulus.

I like to work on old cars and motorcycles.
I have a 1964 Ford Fairlane and a 1972 Moto Guzzi El Dorado.

And run a record label called Slap Shot Records.


I love these threads. and because of that, I am not going to hesitate to make my post long, descriptive, and accurate.

Current hobbies:
(about to start, actually, ordered a yyf ONE and 100 pack of string yesterday)

-Cubing/Twisty Puzzles
(Solving and playing with rubik’s cube’s and other, similar puzzles, currently I own a Megaminx, Pyraminx and 15-puzzle aside from the Rubik’s cube. Plan on getting a Gouhong 3x3 or a Dayan Zanchi 3x3, as well as a ton of other, less popular puzzles, like a Curvy Copter and a Skewb)

(PS3 mostly. Recently I haven’t been playing much, though, because I need a new game, but I’ve been downloading a lot of game trials, so they’re keeping me busy right now. I think I’m gonna borrow Alice: Madness Returns from a friend.)

(Facebook, Tumblr, forums, Y!A, and YouTube take up a decent amount of the time. I also play games if I find a really good one. Shopping, Joystiq, cinemassacre and some other sites too.)

-Watching TV
(Although I don’t do it that often. Mostly Jeopardy with the fam, Southpark, Beavis and Butt-Head, King of the Hill, Regular Show, and The 90’s Are All That)

-Listening/Looking for music
(I’m a huge fan of music, and I have a huge variety of artists I like. I’m always looking for new music too. Recently I discovered AVI Buffalo, who are similar to Foster the People and MGMT…pretty good.)

(I should actually do this more. I stopped doing it so much, but I really enjoy it, and I want to keep learning)

-Collecting Foreign candy/snack packaging.
(Pretty self explanatory. I have stuff from Japan, Sweden, Canada, Israel, Korea…maybe some other places too.)

-Watching Movies
(And I watch a ton! I’m also working on a list, archiving every movie I’ve ever seen. It’s far from complete, but it has a ton on it already. My favorite genre’s are horror, psychological thriller, and con/heist.)

-Collecting movie stubs
(self explanatory)

Possible future hobbies:
-Filmography (including directing music videos and short films, and maybe, further on, full-length films)
-Costume/prop design
-street art (or just art in general. I don’t do a whole lot, I draw sometimes)

Past hobbies:
-Yugioh (TCG)
-Handheld gaming (DSLite. Gonna get back into this when I get a PSVita or a 3DS)
-Collecting Garbage Pail Kids (ANS 1-4)
-Collecting Wacky Packages (ANS 1-3)
-Collecting pokemon cards (when they first came out)
-collecting pins/buttons (still have my collection)
-Tae Kwan Do
-TV Production (did it in class, at school when I was in high school. Really want to get back into it.)
-Pen Spinning (this one’s on and off)
-Lego (been wanting to get back into this for way too long)
-Skateboarding (only briefly. I enjoyed it, but didn’t have any real support or friends who did it too.)
-Acting (on stage) (Would really like to get into this again.)


Well in addition to yoyoing I am into the following:

Balisong-You use a butterfly knife to do tricks and such, not much more to say, hehe. (not sure the brand of knife, its old),

Origami-I mostly like to do modular and tesselation origami-modular origami is more geometric with lots of pieces and tessellations are twisting the paper after cutting it to make awesome shapes witch are tesselations, and various flowers and so on.

Pen spinning-I use a buster CYL mod witch is a heavy pen mod and is double sided so it is more balanced than a pen with one side with a tip and caps.

Piano-Just play piano, working on various pieces, I am partial to Liszt and Rachmaninoff

Astrojax-very very much like 5A with two end balls and one ball in the middle that moves about freely, very entertaining and it can seriously pump up your 5A skills.


The latest i picked up was skateboarding 2 months back i got a world industries board! its cracked tho on the inside, i can almost popshoveit and i cant ollie to high yet.

i recently picked up yoyo-ing again, i quit a few years back i wasnt that awesome but now i can amaze people, nowhere near pro though. i have 3 DV888 aqua, White Darkmagic2, and a metal drifter soon to be a christmas gift to a buddy.

i might get back into snowboarding this winter (i outgrew my old board so im probably going to use my friends)

i enjoy swimming in lake michigan but its way to cold a majority of the time! i dont even know if thats a hobby but i like it


For me besides yoyoing is
R/C cars: I have an OFNA ultra lx one, a Tamiya midnight pumpkin, and a pro-pulse B1000(RC18 clone)

Offroading: I have a stock '03 2X4 330(no model) I use whenever we go to trails and mud bogging. Also drive uncles land rover when it’s too cold for atvs.

Airsoft: usually borrow a JG G36c from a friend.

Legos: my little sister found them and started playing with them so now I have an excuse to start buying and playing with them again


my hobbies include music. i have been playing violin for about 4 years and would lie to learn cello and guitar. I also picked up fencing a few months ago. I like scootering but i don’t have one so i usually borrow my cousin’s. I don’t know if you would call reading a hobby, but i do it a lot.


Yeah I draw some (Amateur.) both on paper and digitally (Mouse =/ .

Yeah I’m getting better… (Don’t worry.)

But I love to paint and stuff too.


TKD, XMA (Tricking), piano (been doing it for seven years), 3d animating…


I’m writing a novel.
I bicycle a lot too. I have an old Trec Antelope.