Yet another Lathe Question - Involving Delrin

(Kei) #1

Yes another question about a lathe and making yoyos. I’m just curious.

Can you make a Delrin yoyo with a Taig Lathe?
Like the Lathe you can get using Kyo’s guide:

Again I’m just curious and sure this has been asked somewhere. I just couldn’t find it in search.

Edit: Just found this:


Yes, I am pretty sure you can turn some Delrin on that Taig just fine!

(Kei) #3

Thank you.
I figured it was kind of an obvious/noobish question, but decided to ask anyways.
Thanks again!


Delrin turns really nicely. With decently sharp tooling you can fly through it and as compared to wood (which is what I’m used to) it is more apt for higher tolerances.

(Kei) #5

Oh well that’s good to hear!