How to make a yoyo (prototype) ????

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I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times but I can’t find anything.

It would be derlin, I can come up with the design I just need someone to cut it for me. If I give them the design can they cut it for me exactly how I drew it? And how much will it cost not including the derlin?


I think you’re going to need to provide a CAD file with dimensions. After that, find a machining shop that can cut it for you. I think getting the Delrin will not be too difficult, at least maybe not for them. Having a machine shop with the right tools might be the problem. Make sure they understand what you are doing and can work with the material you want them to work with.

Just be warned, one-offs can be a bit expensive. The costs come down when you do larger quantities. I think everyone does that.

So, step 1 is CAD stuff. While you’re working on that, you can investigate machining shops. Leave the delrin part for the end, it will most likely be another problem to work out, but it won’t require interviews and inspections and site visits. But then again maybe the machine shop can get it for you.

I like my delrin Half & Half. I’m debating a C3 YoYoDesigns Halo or something like that because I like how the delrin feels in the hand, so soft and smooth. It’s kind of on the smaller side of things for me, but it’s similar to my dv888 and MMN as far as shape and size. Definitely a fun throw and material. I would say though, texture the grinding areas as everyone seems to want to grind.

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Ok how do I do the CAD? Like what program do I use? And what do you mean texture?


I don’t know what software you’d use for CAD. Some others around here do or you can do some research on Google and see what direction it can lead you. It might be expensive.

What I mean by texture is do something to the rims and other places where people want a surface compatible with grinding and do a surface treatment there to satin it, beadblast it, or maybe even cut grooves there so it would be better for grinds. Except for the grooves, this wouldn’t be something you’d have the machine shop do when they are machining the delrin.


You’re pretty much get the point of it, but you have many more to know about.

What I did…

Get some ideas about yoyo design. Try to focus on what you want, shape weight etc.

Learn some measurement, some important point is dimension of bearing seat, response and minimal thickness of an aluminum or material of you’re choice. Ie; derlin.

Find out how to make a 3D model of you’re design, with a help of CAD program. Learning to use a cad program of you’re choice can take time, but totally useful. Some example of the program are Alibre or SolidWorks.
Alternative would be to find out someone that willing to do CAD model based on you’re design.

Find a machine shop that can make the yoyo based on your design.

Additionally, you can do surface treatment on you’re prototype such as annodize or grindable surface. But I rarely see any company did that to any yoyo on prototype stage.

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Thanks I still don’t see how to make a derlin yoyo grindable, I’ve never seen that before. I was thinking of making one with titanium rims so you can spark it.


Derlin is very grindable to start with. I don’t think you need any surface treatment with derlin.

Cool idea on the titanium rims. I’m excited.
But be careful with the YYJ patent.

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Oh where can I get a look at the patent? It’s not really the same since this is derlin. But I don’t know anything about patents though.


You can probably find the patent on their website


I’m not sure how the titanium rims would work… but assuming you figured that out, I doubt it would cause problems unless you wanted to sell them. If anything, just contact yoyojam. I’m sure they’d be helpful.

Really, what I’d be worried about in terms of creating a design would be… creating the design. Start with learning a CAD modeling program, first. I also don’t know too much about the capabilities of CAD programs, or about them in general… but I’m fairly sure that they are usually pricey. If you don’t have the money, I’m not sure how you would coordinate that. I don’t know of an opensource one, but I suppose you could look around. Make sure you know what you want before looking for somewhere to get it made.

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Use an open source/freeware CAD modeling program, there are plenty of them and they do work.