need help with making a yoyo

i have a yoyo idea and i want to actually make. But i don’t know how to go about doing this :’(… So i would really appreciate it if you would help me! ;D


If u have a lathe u can get blank delrin sheets and make urself a delring yoyo it comes out great if u know how to do it

I’d start with a 3d model of it. then send that in to a machining shop and have them make it.

CAD drawings seem to be the way to go. Then I’m pretty sure you need to convert that into G-code or Solidworks for the actual CNC machine.

I read up on this a while ago… and please forgive me for linking to another forum… but,42276.0.html or if that gets moderated … search for a person named PrototypeGuy on the ‘other’ large forum. If you send him a drawing he can get it done. Also, I think he is the person behind Big Brother Yo-Yo company if that helps.

WOW! this PrototypeGuy person makes some amazing yo-yos! I found some great cad programs through searching him so ill try to make a 3D model on that first. Next ill send the blue prints to a machine shop since this is no ordinary yoyo its revolutionary (if it works). thanks guys! ;D