Wood lathe and delrin?

Could a wood lathe turn delrin?

Sure. Why not?

Try it. If it doesn’t work well, what are you out?

Yeah it’ll work! You can turn acrylic on a wood lathe.

Well, Delrin’s not cheap…

I heard that some wood lathes can turn delrin but wood lathes can sometime be set to spin too fast and melt the delrin. I’ve heard metal lathes work best on delrin.

I’ve never used a lathe of either type, I just heard this when I was researching getting one a while back.

That makes sense ^^ I’m sure you’d need to sharpen your tools really well, and hopefully your lathe has variable speeds.

So this is going to sound super stupid and uniformed, for that I am sorry but…

In a shop class I took we threaded a plastic rod on a metal lathe and it worked fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: