Lathe Set up?

If I bought that lathe, would I need a new jaw or something to hold the yoyo half?

I really want to start doing stuff with a lathe so What parts on top of that lathe would I need?


I’d suggest googling for some woodworking sites and forums. I don’t know much about lathes, but I know enough to be able to tell you there are literally dozens of ways to mount a piece of stock and make a yoyo from it.

If I bought this lathe what extra parts would I need?

That looks like something I set up years ago to sili recess some FH2s… First off, you would need the actual drill to add on to that. Second, that would be more for doing like I said, some basic modding on plastic yoyos.

Is that what you’re going for or are you wanting to make wooden yoyos?

Silicone recess

Well, like on FH2s they have the “through-axle” to which you could put a bolt through the backside and lock it down with bolts, so it won’t move, then you can chuck the yoyo half into the drill by the bolt.

While it’s spinning on the drill, I used jewelers screwdrivers to groove the sili recess. Prop your hand up on that green metal thing in front of the drill, so you can keep your hand steady.

Is there a tool holder I can get somewhere that I can attach the that lathe bed?

It doesn’t look like there would be anything already made for what you’re trying to do. Nothing would line up with where you need the recess to be. It is possible that you could rig something up but what that would entail, I can’t say since I’ve not seen it in person.


I think the lathe in my original post would work best then.

I wanted to buy a lathe at some point, but after a lot of research, turns out half the lathes available don’t offer enough precision for modding yoyos. If you want better quality mods, you would need to purchase a metal lathe.

Yea. I used to just put a drill upside-down in a vice and carve out the groove with the jewelers screwdriver. Worked pretty well for me. I wasn’t an avid recesser though. Just a side project.

Have you looked here: List of useful modification and maintenance guides

Which in turn leads to: Lathe Buying Guide (please sticky?)

buy a taig.

He’ll set ya up, good place.

So you guys are telling me that if you’re careful, you can recess using a drill, yet wood lathes aren’t “Precision” enough?

Who said that?

Never said that, I said wood lathes aren’t precise enough for modding altogether, and drills aren’t precise at all, it takes a very steady hand for a good recess. Maybe you can do a few recesses with a wooden lathe, but it wouldn’t get you very far modding wise. Buying a good lathe in the first place will save you money and grief.


Thanks! I’m looking into a Taig lathe now. :wink:

I might get a job soon and save for a Taig lathe.


wood lathe doesn’t have a tool holders, you gotta recess it the same way you would on a drill.

Yeah I know

For me that’s a huge downfall