Beginner Modder, tools?

(Chase Baxter) #1

So I want to start modding and want to get stuff to do mods like recessing, reshapes, rims, make yoyos (yes, I know it is very hard and you need experience!), SPR’s, etc. I’m not sure what lathe to get or what kind or size of metal, delrin, the parts or any of that. What I really need help with is I need a list of some sort of tools and material sizes, types and where to get them and other things I need to know. I will probaly do alot because I am moving soon and will have a garage not for cars or anything and I’m probaly going to be homeschooled so I will have time.

Alittle bit about me (not sure if it matters at all) is, I have some designs for yoyos to send to machinist soon (they make car parts), I have been yoyo’ing for six months (not bragging but I’m pretty good and fast, I also had lessons by Chris Fraser), I’m very big into art and computer work, my family owns a race track (Milan Dragway) so we know people that make car parts and do a bunch of car work, I’m 12 and have a simple job (selling ice cream but sometimes help out with the track), I visualize alot of things differently and how they work, I just made a yoyo out of 2 bowls, and I know how to silicone yoyos already.

If you guys can help, I would be very thankful and happy!!! And another question, does anybody know where I can send my yoyo designs before the machinist? Thanks!

(BB) #2

lathe for advanced of course.
I use a drill blade and a srew driver for recesses and a blade for reshapes (on a lethe but ive done some on a drill)
So baisicly drill blade srewdriver and a yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy modding!

(Chase Baxter) #3

is there a certain lathe?

(BB) #4

precision metal will cost around 500$ the new one im going to get is aroung 650$ soo save up!

(Justin the JeeJaw) #5

I reccomend getting taig lathe.
There is a thread made by icthus on guide on what lathe you should buy and parts

(laxdude99) #6

Sand paper 150grit is good for satining


Here’s a lathe buying guide,8538.0.html