So I'm planning on buying a lathe.

Ok, I’m planning on buying a lathe, after like, 3 years of modding lol.  So here’s the one I have my eyes on  Any advice?  Would this one work for the simple stuff, like recessing, tapping, and hub mods?  Also, what other parts would I need?  I know I have to get a drill chuck, the jaws, and a chisel set.  Any other recommendations?

There was a lathe buying guide let me try and get you the link.

Harbor Freight tools don’t last long.

What you are looking at there is a wood lathe. It will be ok but for serious work you really want a small metal lathe. See the article: Lathe Buying Guide

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Seems Expensive. But I guess it might come to use with other things ;).

I did look that over before, but too expensive lol.

I know, I read the first few 50-100 dollar parts, then it went to attachments that where 30+ bucks a piece.

Your best bet would be finding a used metal lathe, perhaps on craigslist. Otherwise you’re either going to be looking at spending a few c notes, or getting poor quality (ie: harbor freight tools)

Looks like I’ll just have to save some money.


I have been looking at this one for a while. I was thinking about learning how to turn some simple stuff first, then eventually start to make wood yoyos. It looks pretty nice to me.

I’m pretty sure that’s still a wood lathe, the Modfather told me wood lathes aren’t precise enough for yoyos.

Oh, ok. I thought it didn’t really matter if it was a wood lathe for certain projects/mods. But then again, I’m not a modder haha.

I didn’t know it mattered that much before either lol

I figure if you really want to get serious into modding its worth it to save up and buy a metal lathe.

Really?  Me and my dad haven’t had problems with them, and we’ve bought tons of stuff.

My dad uses them and they sometimes only last a few months.

So are they good or bad? ;).

I know y’all is lathe crazy because the yoyo is a fundamentally circular thing (with a few oddity exceptions out there!)…

But you’d be surprised how far a “mediocre” router (with or without table) and some creative jigs will get you. I have to admit, I haven’t proved concept with a yoyo, but a router is what’s used for 95% of non-CNC electric guitar crafting. It’s all about the jigs and templates.

You not big Chief, you speak no wise yoyo words. Big man, him think you test theory on yoyo before posting to crowd of lathe wanters. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: