Looking for good lathe recommendations.

I’m looking for recommendations on a lathe, I have one now but will be upgrading in the future to something with more power.

So any good metal lathes that have/come with

  • 3 jaw chuck
    -3/4 hp motor, or more
  • speeds up to 2000 rpm

And preferably under the price of $$$$$2,300$$$$$
Any suggestions would help!

Here’s a Lathe Buying Guide found from a Sticky. It might be to of some interest to you :slight_smile:

looking for somthing a little bigger with more power, thanks for the help otherwise!

Good luck on your search! :slight_smile:

Precision Matthews, Little Machine Shop and another that I can’t remember are in and under your price range.

If I think of the other name I’ll put it up.

Bailegh, Bolton, Grizzly all sell their own version(s).

Most of the time its the same model just trimmed out differently.

Jet makes some bench lathes that would work.

This is basically your specs exactly…


I’m sure you could find it cheaper as well… especially if you start looking for used.

What is it you are trying to do?


make yoyos. I can do it on my lathe right now but it take forever to take the material off. (Delrin)

I just finished reading this.
And Now… Your success with your Wooden fixed axles, i would love to see you become an innovator, and make a delrin fixed axle yoyo?
Wood core, delrin body man!

Delrin shouldn’t be much of a problem with just about any setup… it’s one of the easiest materials to machine ever… it cuts a lot like butter does.

That Jet I linked is very similar (if not the same) to what 3yo3 uses to machine their acrylic yoyos.


it just takes me many hours to machine the yoyos and I would like to cut that time down.

Yea I get it :slight_smile: I don’t know how much time you’ll really save in the end, but it’s a nice upgrade in any case. With plastics you are limited in speed/feed simply by heat… at some point you’re melting the plastic and you run a risk of deformation. But if you can’t max out that speed/feed with your current setup, then an upgrade certainly will help and it opens up a lot of other options for materials as well.