I'm Thinking of Making a Delrin Yoyo

I’m thinking of using the delrin from Yoyoguy, but I’m not sure if I can do it… I only have a drill… and some carving things.

So… I was wondering: How to drill a place for a bearing.
Also, should I use the duncan spacers or an SPR kit?

Also, how to get the axle in?

Is it possible? Or am I way over my head in this?

With the tools, you have, it is near impossible unless you are extremely proficient in eyeballing symmetry for both halves. I would say you are way over your head with the tools you have. If you have a lathe, it is much more possible and I would go with an SPR kit. For the axle, brass inserts are popular for plastics.

It will be impossible for you to make a yo-yo from the delrin blanks on YYG for a couple of reasons. Number one, a drill is not in any way good for this. Drills can get away with not running perfectly concentric, lathes can’t and thus don’t. Number two, you don’t have the tools to cut that stuff. Number three, even if you got past those two problems, the two halves won’t necessarily be the same size, shape, and weight. Finally, number four, it is completely impossible for you to make a yo-yo from the delrin blanks sold on YYG; they are sold out.

I don’t mind if the two halves aren’t equal… it still works. I combined Genesis and M1… hehe… But what’s the brass insert thing? And how would I drill it?


You still missed point number four.

I’ll wait. Even if it fails… not that much is at stake. Less than $20.

Erm… anyone know a better way? I’m down to two questions… so far.

  1. How would I drill a place for the SPR/Duncan Bearing?
  2. How do you put in a brass insert?

Good idea. I would love to make a yoyo of my own, but you are seriously way in over your head.

I would like to try. Getting there’s half the fun right??? ;D

FINE… I’m only considering.

If you are absolutely set on making a yoyo, I would recommend using wood. Why? Because most woods are cheap and are readily available. Now I’m not saying to use cocobolo or any fancy wood. I would start with a hardwood such as maple or something along the lines. Wood is personally easier to carve/drill into than plastic. However, the yoyo may not be as durable but hey, it’s a first try so that’s no problem.

You can try it if you want, we’re just warning you of what could happen.

Erm… any ideas on drilling the place for a drill and the brase insert thingy?

im still in process of making an aluminum yoyo im going throught the plans with my uncle whos an engineer hell let me use a lathe were im getting at is u need a pro and a lathe at your side or it just wont happen got to a home depot they have lathes there and obviously people who are engineers :wink: :smiley: ;D

okay… just one thing left… How do you put in the brass insert??

You tap the backside of the yo-yo for the outside of the brass insert. Then you thread the brass insert into said hole.

So… I make a hole and I put it in??? But about the screws on the outside…

You need to drill a hole for the brass insert. Then you should tap the hole for the threads on the brass insert.

Well, I’d beg to differ. Forget the beg part… Here goes: I agree with you- no you can not make a yoyo on a drill. But yes, you can make two matching halves on a lathe, wether it be a wood lathe or a metal working lathe, its possible. Haven’t you seen Eric Wolff’s scratch built wood yoyos? Or what about Kyle Weem’s (kyo) yoyos? But yeah back on topic: it’d be pretty hard to chuck delrin rod that size in a drill. lol!

The point wasn’t that it is impossible to make two matching halves. I know that that is possible. The point is that it takes a serious amount of knowledge and quite a bit of practice to do so, not to mention the money to buy the equipment. Seeing as Batryn is asking about doing it on a drill and did not know what brass inserts or how to put them into a yo-yo, it could be easily assumed, as I did, that he does not have the money for the equipment nor does he have the know-how to do it.

Sorry about that, Batryn, but I have my doubts about this project and still have my judgment to defend.

i once made this weird disformed yoyo for fun. I used a duncan bearing and spacers. I just used a nut to tighten it on the other side.

W8… the two halves don’t matter!! Take an M1, screw it into a genesis. Go. Or some other 2 yoyos. It will still play okay.