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I want to make a wooden yoyo, mighty flea shaped. It’ll be my “junk yoyo”, small, for trips, so if I lose it it’s not that bad, and it will be able to fit anywhere (almost) So, the problem is the yoyo is going to be really light if I do make it that small. I need suggestions for this. And I only have a drill, a sandpaper machine, sand paper. Oh, and knives. I’m good with them. Ish.

Well, I presume making it by just sanding down a chunk of wood will cause for unevenness and in turn, wobble. You can try to get them nearly identical for each half, but it’ll be very tedious. Also, you would need to make a bearing seat somehow as well as threading the axle perfectly into the center of the yo-yo.

I’m hoping to be able to make a wooden yo-yo next year in wood shop, but I doubt I’ll be able to.

Oh, about the weight, I don’t know. You should try making a larger yo-yo first, I think.

I made a tiny yo-yo out of wood. Can’t open it, just a block.

I have a drill (a electric drill), safety goggles, X-acto knife, and random sandpaper. I just got a chunk of wood, hooked it on the drill, duck taped it down, and went at it with the knife and sand paper. It sleeps for about 2 seconds. I hope to get a bearing and make it usable.

Okay, so my making process… complicated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cut a hole in the center. A drill is needed here. Cut into a rough circle. Sand so the width is even.

Attach both pieces to the drill. The stack: washer,wood,washer (You may need more. This is your gap size) wood washer. A screw through all that and attached to a drill. Sand to preferance

Move to a clamp. Clamp a dowel that is the right size. (Wood+Dowel that fits in hole and right length+wood) Clamp, increase pressure until the dowel is aligned. If you want, make dowel longer than the gap width, add washers on each side after you’re done, and keep on clamping. You should have some stick out. Attach stacks. Bravo! It’s a stacked, fixed axle yoyo.

BTW, if I want to stack it, what should I get?

You can make your own hub-spikes and add the hubs,or buy the stack kit from YYG, then you will also have an axle.

How can I make it heavy?

It would be hard to do but you might be able to hollow at least some of the inside out (not too much because then you risk breaking it) and fill it with lead shot. If you do this though, make sure to not do the whole thing out once. Just drill a few holes in each side and fill them, then use probably elmer’s wood glue to seal it. Or you could drill the holes with a hole drill and then seal it with silicone as response =P

Lead shot?

Here’s a picture of the logo thing on the bag it comes in.

Here’s where you can get it. You might even be able to get it at a hardware store or possibly even Walmart but I doubt that.
This stuff is like the pellets that are in shotgun shells.

Wouldn’t it rattle around? And I can’t get that. I shoot shotguns, but not allowed. Too dangerous. You can blow off your face, boy!

Ok, let me make sure I got this straight…

Did someone actually just suggest, on a site dedicated to yo-yoing and frequented by minors, that purchasing and disassembling shotgun shells was an option? And then making sure to emphasize that a reckless misuse of resulting powder (provided you’re still alive to “enjoy” it after screwing around with live shells) might result in a “fun” time?

Can someone please clarify? ;D

Erm… yes. Unfortunately.

Do not open up shotgun shells. If you do,, and all of the people running it are not responsible for your injury. Don’t try this at home.

Oh right, but I still need help. And something solid. In my opinion, filling it with steel balls will cause a vibe.

Well, I was going to suggest BBs (a type of easily obtainable shot that doesn’t require disassembling shotgun shells) as an alternative, but if you think the vibe will be too much then scratch that one.

Along the same lines, though, how about the plastic “BB-like” pellets used for airsoft?

Edit: Even better, how about some sort of flowable or liquid fill?

Oh wow sorry about that. I wasn’t really thinking about people that haven’t worked with guns and ammunition before. Don’t listen to my earlier post. Instead, listen to the other people’s ideas on this one. Once again, sorry about that.

Don’t worry about it! When you’re an adult, it’s hard to remember that you’re normally running around here with people way younger than yourself. There are a few exceptions, but not many. Not that an adult necessarily has any firearms knowledge.

I’m sorry if I sounded overly harsh in my post above. In hindsight, I might have been. I do a lot of my own reloads (not so much shotgun shells, though) and understand the dangers in handling ammunition, or tampering with it whilst lacking the knowledge required to safely do so. I just had this image of someone young messing with one of dad’s shotgun shells. You can imagine, I trust…

I do think you sounded somewhat harsh but for this it was needed because these things can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.
Back on topic, Batryn, have you figure out how to want to make it heavier? The BBs or lead shot would rattle unless you put some glue in it to hold it still.

Nope :’(

I can’t figure it out… I was thinking of hollowing out a groove… but I don’t have the equipment.

I’m not sure how much they are but you can get a hole cutter, probably any hardware store has them.

I drill?