To make a yoyo

I wanted to make a wooden yoyo called the lightining bolt, problem is I have no idea how and I got a couple questions. (I also plan to use a 10 ball bearing, slightly under sized yoyo[45mm], and a secret shape ;))
1)how do u get the axle in?
2)how would I make the yoyo heavier? (about 65 grams)
3)what pad should I use and how do I make the grove? (I want no response)
4)how should I make the wood smooth?
5)what is a good width? (gap and whole)
Please help me, thanks ;D

I have absolutely no chance of answering all of your questions correctly, but I can do a few:

  1. You can screw it directly in which=bad idea. What you do is to place a nut in the wood which the axle screws into.
  2. You can use heavier types of wood or weight rings.
  3. Give it coating I suppose
  4. WHen you use a 10ball the width could be like 4.5mm or something in that area.