Can People really make...---

I’ve heard threads about grandpas and fathers making yo-yos themselves…!
Is it really possible to make a fairly good yo-yo or maybe even an incredible one?

Try it and see :slight_smile:

How? Do I make like a wooden shape of a yo-yo, drill holes, put a regular axle in from Ace Store or somethin’?
Put a random bearing in from a hardware store and then put a little of WD40 light lube on it and then get a yo-yo string?

In shorthand yes, however it will be more difficult then that.

I made a wooden fixed axel. Not incredible but pretty dang good for a first try homemade. :wink:

Making a serviceable fixed-axle yoyo is easy. Two wooden discs, a hole, and a piece of dowel. You’re done.

Bit of sandpaper helps.

Most people who make their own yoyos own a lathe. It’s pretty darn hard without one. I’ve tried using a 2" dowel + sandpaper and it turned out horribly.

A drill press and a hole saw can get’r done. But I have to admit, I miscalculated something on my last attempt, and a lathe would have solved my issue much more handily. The lathe is the right tool for the job.

But you can do it with a hole saw. :wink:

Yes, Some people make incredible yoyos on their own.
I really don’t see what’s so odd about that.

A fine example right here.

Dude, that’s awesome! How does it play?

I believe that is one of Landon Balk from 3yo3’s designs.

Landon homemakes his yoyos on a lathe.

I didn’t really like how it played that much. It’s a 3yo3 cosmo. Kinda had that rock on a string feeling.
it was god dang good looking though.
Check out landon’s other throws, he makes some awesome stuff.

My grandpas making me a wood C sized bearing yoyo and a fixed axle on his late this weekend. I’ll tell you how it works out

Please do. I’m thinking of making my own out of wood and leather eventually, and wanna know how this turns out.