Yellow Airplanes Help

I’m on the first step, right after you make the Sideways Mach 5, swing it over your right hand, and pop it over your left. After that, you let the string slide off, and the loop go over your yoyo to make another Sideways Mach 5 right? Then when I pop off the Mach 5 so the yoyo is in front, and drop the strings on my right hand to get in trapeze, it’s a reverse trapeze and the string is through the gap. So the string coming from the axle goes through the Under Mount Loop to my hand… help?

When you pop the yoyo around your left hand, you pop to the back, not the front. It’s kind of a weird motion, but you get use to it. So, you swing the yoyo around the non-throwhand, and you go towards the back, then let go, and the slack will be in the right position.

I just learned this trick about a week and a half ago, and it’s really fun! ;D

So when you pop it, what do you mean by popping to the back? I hit in front of all the strings of my left, but the yoyo ends up behind all the strings, or I hit behind all the strings and just let it swing over?

OK, so you’re in the first mach 5 mount, and then you roll it over to your right. Then, you swing it outside of your nonthrowhand, and then the yoyo will be hanging over your nonthrowhand, on your side. What I mean is, the yoyo will be just dangling there, and it will be closer to you than any of the strings. Then you pinch, release the strings, and pop the yoyo back onto the strings. I guess you’ve got it from there.

Hope I helped! ;D

I have it, and the loop looks perfect, but when I roll onto it, and pop in front of the mount, and drop the strings, it comes out as a braintwister mount. And the string goes through the loop, so if I drop it :P.