Yelets (vs. GenXs, and alternatives)

I’m considering a OD Yelets as my next throw, and am looking for advice or alternatives. I like my GenXs as a pocketable yo-yo, as portability is important to me. I’m looking at the Yelets as a little more powerful alternative, but still pocket friendly. What are the thoughts on this? Will it be noticeably better than the GenXs? Is the catch zone effectively narrower, even though they are the same width? I do very much like my three other One Drops (Sugar Glider, Terrarian, Deep State), both from a performance and company perspective.

Background: I’ve been throwing modern for about a year, and am not very good (working on Andre’s Advanced Part 1 tricks). I like improving, but I’m honestly more motivated just to play what I know than to practice and get better. I do a lot of playing while doing other stuff, like thinking at work, or watching my kids. A pocketable EDC yo-yo fits into this well. The narrow GenXs is challenging to me, but not so much to be problematic (because when I miss, I just try again).
I love my OD Sugar Glider, and to a lesser extent my Terrarian. I think I actually play a little better with my MYY Purple Line, but I have small hands and enjoy smaller yo-yos more. Again it’s very much an casual play over performance thing for me.


Yelets is great since it has Side Effects which makes it fun to play with - the yelets shape is pretty streamlined and overall it throws nice. GenXS actually packs a lot of power for its size… So I’m not sure if you will feel that the yelets is more powerful… but it will play more ‘normal’ for sure if that is what you are going for…

Curious - have you looked at the SNACK by Recess?


Thanks! That’s largely what I was looking for. I have looked at the Snack, but from what I saw it looked more similar to the GenXs. Am I wrong? (Something about the Snack’s look bothers me too.)

I’d say the Yelets is easily my favorite ‘undersized’ OneDrop. Durable, powerful, and ‘fun’ feel in play. It’s one I keep coming back too for sure! I like it best with LEGO SE’s and fingerspin plates! ‘Blast’ the plates with some sandpaper for optimum fingerspins.


Well, do you want more powerful or do you want heavier and plays bigger?

IMO I prefer the Snack to the GenXS. Felt more solid and “normal” if I remember correctly (haven’t really felt the desire to throw either of them in ages.)

If it helps, here are the Yelets, Snack, and GenXS next to each other. You might also want to consider the Marquis and Rebirth; they’re both on the smaller side as well.

Shameless plug: I have the Yelets & Snack for sale on the BST here. I saw a Yelets for cheaper somewhere else (possibly FB BST?) for cheaper than I’m asking though.



the snack is a really fun yoyo


Thanks, particularly for the comparison photos!
I’m not experienced with enough different yo-yos to have a good sense of the nuances between terms. I think the term stable is what I’m looking for, along with spin time. I find yo-yos a little bigger than the GenXs more forgiving, and not just for catching on the string.
I saw your Yelets, but I don’t really like the Saturday Market color. I know I’m in the minority, but I like solids better, particularly since they are considerably less expensive.


How do the Yelets & Marquis compare, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I’ve had my Yelets up for sale in the BST, but started to play it more, not sure I want to sell it now. They’re really great! I’ve never seen the Snack next to other yoyos, that thing looks great!


Man, I’ve thrown a string on my Yelets several times now and for whatever reason, it just doesn’t click with me, which sucks because I paid full price for the Saturday Market colorway (which I love btw). I think it’s the shape.

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The Yelets and Marquis are both great undersized options. They are nearly identical in size, but I’d say the Marquis is just a bit more catchable and plays wider than the Yelets. The Marquis grinds and fingerspins fairly well and has a more blasted finish than the Yelets. There is no grinding the Yelets really. In play they both have that H feel, but the Marquis feels a bit denser, angular, and more stable. The Yelets, while undersized, still captures the ‘big diameter’ feel somehow which is nice. The Marquis plays wider, but feels smaller somehow. For me the Yelets feels better in the hand and plays a bit more ‘fun’ on the string. The Marquis is definitely a better overall performer though. If you like one then you’ll probably enjoy the other as well. Comparison pics below.


Thanks for the in depth comparison!
The Marquis is sounding more like it’s up to my novice tastes.

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